Saturday, November 24, 2007

our one-year-old

this week has been one filled with the antics of adam.

thursday, adam misplaced my wallet.
i looked everywhere.
every trash can
shoe bins
tv cabinet
under beds, dressers
in drawers
laundry baskets
i even went so far as to offer a reward to bailey and alex.
$5 to the finder of the wallet
alex sat adam down and very slowly asked
'adam, _where _did _you _put _mom's _w_a_l_l_e_t?'
this lasted all thursday
all friday
most of saturday

saturday i was making adam a sandwich. he was playing under me- as usual. he opened up the cupboard and walked away. i turned to look at him as he turned around with his huge smile. in his hand- my wallet. such a simple find. after all that! it was in my crock pot. shouldaknown.

adam has started to 'help' when i change him! this is huge since he used to try to turn over and run away as quickly as possible! now he holds out his cute little feet so i can put on his pants. he smiles really bug cuz he knows he's a big boy helping mommy. he still does that funny head lift - like he's straining his neck when i pull him up from a lying position. like the head lift helps me get him up. funny.

adam has many names
mohonrai (?!?)
the governor (he rules the house at times)
the business man (his love of cell phones)
the naked business man (put 2 & 2 together...)
carlos the gnome(?!?)
the tiny man
littlest man
the man
little captain
the admiral (a 'tribute' to papa)
little piggy (when he snorts)
the child (bailey's favorite)
mohammad (in reference to the date of his birth)
the pick-pocket
spider pig (his old crawl)
spider monkey
monkey boy (uses his feet like hands)

me: help me remember adam's nicknames, guys.
(they listed them)
alex: bob
me: we've never called him bob.
alex: oh. well we should.


Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

LOL!!!! Alex CRACKS ME UP!!! "Oh. Well we should!" That is hilarious!! He is our little stand-up comedian!

Love the pic of Adam and all his names. Just one question - Did you pay Adam the $5?

amy said...

nope. no cash for him.
he got paid in hugs, kisses and a big cheer from me and the kids. :)

Laura & Jimmy said...

That is so cute! I especially love "bob". :o)

Shannon said...

What a cute post and a cute little guy you have! Happy first! Bob!! That is too funny, it is a nickname here and I have no idea why...many of our kids we call Bob, very strange!

melis said...

seriously, everytime i see those eyes, my heart melts. he's gonna be a heart breaker!

Teriney said...

I am glad you found your wallet...that sounds like something mine would do...The things I find in odd places:)