Saturday, December 29, 2007

park fun

i think i'm in love with this park. it seems to be out of place here in az- and i'm not complainin one bit.

the kids can't get enough of it.
huge play area
lots of toys
farm land
city land
winding paths

now- if they could just water the grass in the winter...


Rachel said...

Very cool! Where is this park?

Kylie said...

SO fun!! Where is it (share your secret Ü). Love the pics (as always!!!)

amy said...

tumbleweed park. just off mcqueen and south of germann. glad you likey.

melis said...

Laughing about your watering the grass comment 'cause in Tay-has everyone let's their grass die in the winter. I remeber thinking that was totally weird when I first moved here. I do miss the wondrous winter grass back in Az! Cute pics as always, mame!