Thursday, January 3, 2008

the after-christmas-blues (and reds)

it's never a good thing to see this in your rear-view.
i was racing to meet gar and his family for dinner.

later, g and i were talking about getting pulled over versus almost getting pulled over.

when you almost get pulled over, your heart is racing, your stomach drops, and you go into fight- or-flight mode. (not literally. i'd never fight a cop or run from him.) then, the cop passes you or you pass the cop w/o him pulling out. ahhh. relief! after this, all of these emotions pass and you're left feeling weak.

when you do actually get pulled over, you just know. you sit there and wait for the cop to hurry up to your window with his flash light and give you the ticket already so you can go about your business and get to the event you were rushing to in the first place.

a few snippets of dialog from the event:

me: is your seatbelt on, bailey?!
b: this is not taking 'just a minute'!! (the cop was in his car)
cop: you can now take traffic school online.
cop: .....(explained everything).... any questions?
me: could i take a picture of your car?
bailey: uhhhh... (rolling her eyes & covering her face)
cop: if that's what you have to do.
me: it is. thank you.

hey, i had to get something out of this.


Meredith said...

Sucks that you got pulled over, but awesome that you got the picture!!

Meredith said...

Hello to Bailey & Alex!! Lucky duckies that they are still on break! I had to go back to work this morning...

Shannon said...

Oh scary...what did the cop look like? Im wondering if its my brother in law because he didnt seem to fazed by the fact that you asked to take a picture,which my brother in law would totally understand seeing that my sister is a fellow blogger. Too funny!

Lindsay Ann said...

is that Jake in my picture of the boys at the bottom of my post?

Laura & Jimmy said...

Amy, you win the true blue blogger award. i'm impressed, i don't think i'd have the presence of mind to take a picture!