Sunday, February 10, 2008


oh what fun it is to ride on an
orange and black plastic sled!

we had fun riding down the slopes.
the kids were quite adventuresome.
(much more than i was.)
love how they look all bundled up.

*bailey and melis were beauties on
the slopes.

*alex couldn't believe how cold it was
without his coat and gloves on!

*adam was trying to figure out how
to walk in the snowsuit.

*melis and reedy kickin' it.

*more slopes with logan and hailee.

of course it wouldn't have been a miles snow outing with out someone
being sledded out by the emt's.

poor logan
snapped his wrist. ouch! we were so
sad he got that for a christmas
present. not fair. he was such a good
sport through it all. what a trooper!

we take the good with the bad and roll
with it.

it was a fun day filled with wonderful
memories.thanks nana and papa! :)
the kids will never forget it.


Laura & Jimmy said...

that looks like a ton of fun! and of cours.. great pictures!

Melis said...

Reed loved looking at this post! I don't think he'll ever forget that trip as he still talks about it to this day! Love your layouts!