Friday, February 8, 2008

awaiting final touches

Bailey and i made a few changes in her
room. we got a majority of it done in
december. now i need to finish.

we made just a few changes:
removed closet doors
replaced with white ruffle curtains
chocolate bedspread
brown flocked damask pillows
bailey pic
sign of her art exhibition
repainted her b (& finial)
added border and new crown
hung the chandelier (thnx granny)

i was happy to find most of the
decos in the garage- (garrett
loves my storage bins) or other
rooms in the house. love that.

i am still working on the wall her
bed is on. i hope to get that done next week. more pics to follow.

i am loving the pink black and brown! it feels opulent to me.

**i have to remember when i am decorating that it will not look like a catalog. people actually live in my house. i can't count the # of times i have seen a lovely piece @ a
store. i catch it
in the corner of my eye. i walk over to it- envisioning it in my house. it would add the perfect touch to _____
and as i reach for it and admire it in my hands, i see that perfect accent get totally trashed. i see one of my children spilling on it, or breaking it, or droping it, or getting pb or something
else on it, and i lovingly place it back on the shelf. it's not worth it to buy something and then get upset when it's ruined.
it's not fair to the kids- and it's not fair to the object that could be gracing some kidless-home's shelf or wall. nope- not for me. yet.

like i said~ people live at my house. check the inset of bailey's wall. that is a candy cane headband on the scrolled planter and of course dora's baby brother, a brush, a cup of water from the
night before.... it goes on.


grannym said...

testing. . . .testing! Didn't read yet but saw the amazing pic! WOW!! WOW!! WOWEEEEE-WOW!!

Meredith said...

Oh my gosh. I LOVE her room. I WANT her room. Or at least the accessories! It's totally adorable. Great job!

Lindsay Ann said...

Same colors as Lexie's room. I'm loving it too. So fun!

Shannon said...

Very cute room...did you glue ric rack on the wall around the B?? I love it. Im still in unfinished project mode and haven't attempted to finish Jaidyns room...I feel really bad about it. You have inspired me to get to it!

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Bailey should be very proud of her beautiful room - Every little girl's dream - and big girl's too!

Beautiful pics Ames!

emily said...

As i said as i laid in her bed looking around and around...YUMMY!

Laura & Jimmy said...

That room is gorgeous! good job!