Wednesday, March 5, 2008


we are under construction @ our house.

gar and i pulled up tile and carpet on president's day- and the tile guy
should be done laying it by this weekend. Yahoo!! :) :)
i don't know how much
longer i can stand this lovely gray,
dusty floor. or all of my furniture and
belongings piled into the 3 bedrooms we aren't reflooring!
we need to wash clothes badly- but the w&d are unplugged. :)
and- i have one word - DUST.

i'm busy working on a new project.
i'll post pics and details when it's finished. :) I'M SO EXCITED!

digikit: grunged photo edges kit
font: sack 'o potatoes
rhonna farrer (@ 2ps)

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hollysboys said...

ok amy you are disgustingly talented. i am so jealous dangit!! whatever the heck you did to this pic is so cool. i have to bug you with , yes , another tech question since you are the queen! when i click on the paint brushes that come with the elements, my photoshop opens up but i have no idea where they are at in there.and when i paint i use my paint bucket but it takes out some of the detail.any suggestions on that??? ok now i will really try not to ask you any more stupid questions, so sorry!luvya holly