Thursday, March 6, 2008

the berthday ghel

i couldn't let the day pass w/o giving a shout out to my sister shelle!!

a sheer genius on so many levels
has an a*mazing way with words
wise beyond her years. seriously.
pee-your-pants funny
a great mom
doesn't let the little things get to her
an awesome brainstormer!!!

i love her tons and am happy to be her leetle seester!

for a small sample of her genius, click
here and here.

here's to one amazing woman!


sydney said...

WAY too nice.... this was a great b-day gift! Fanks, Ame. You do me proud being your big seester.....

the berthday gehl....shelle

AMBER said...

Wow you are all so pretty! It must be nice to have SISTERS :D

Rhonna said...

aw * sniff sniff*
happy birthday, my dear seester!
love you!

You just whipped out that puppy?
you da beyst!


Shannon said...

You guys are beautiful...I love sisters they make life so much more fun!!

Jill said...

What a special picture. It makes me wish I had a sister. You are all so beautiful and amazingly talented.

[dene'] said...

Amy your family it WAY TOO TALENTED...share the wealth. Seriously, WOW. I use to work with your brother-in-law Dave. Your sisters seem INCREDIBLE, and of course I already know you are! WOWZER!

Akinogal said...
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hollysboys said...

Thanks amy!! i never even took note of that trash can.good to know. I will call you later. thanks again for all your help, your the best!!

Kylie said...

You and your sisters are GORGEOUS!!! Serious you need to clone your "gene" and sell it!! And you are all so talented! I have SOOO many friends that LOVE Lets Play Music (my kiddos aren't old enough for the program yet) but I have heard nothing but good things about it!!!

Kerby Family said...

Ok who is the photographer? You always have the cutest profesh photos on your blog. You all look so B-E-A-UTIFUL. Miss ya.