Monday, February 4, 2008

muscle memory

jen dillie gave an awesome talk in church.

she related a story about skiing.
she went with some friends who had been before
but it was her first time.
she got 'stuck' in ski school learning at a slow pace
and doing simple things over and over and over.
frustrated that she was wasting the day while her
husband and friends were off skiing- she asked the
ski instructor if maybe she could leave. she explained
that she'd practiced stopping enough and was sure she had it
by now.
the instructor explained to her that she may feel like she
knew how to stop by now- but that her muscles needed to
know how to stop no matter the circumstances. (like losing
control and panicking). she was
building a muscle memory.

very interesting. (i decided i could have used the whole 'muscle
memory' theory to my advantage 4 yrs ago when i broke my leg
skiing. there was no ski school for me. gar thought it wasn't needed.
he also thought poles weren't needed- and that i could start on an
intermediate hill.... that's a whole 'nother post).

so then she talked about how many things we just use muscle memory
for. creating a m.m is the entire purpose for bailey's piano practice.
making pb sandwiches is definitely a muscle memory for me. as are:
driving to places i know (carpool, mom's house, grocery store...)
applying make-up
getting dressed
making signs
cleaning house
my stand-by dinner recipes
... and probably many more things
i do on a regular basis.

the important thing is to not let some things become
m.m. (muscle memory) tasks.
she mentioned scripture study and prayer.
i would like to add-
how i handle relationships that matter to me.
my children and my husband.
(all family and freinds)

i don't want to have precious time slip away
because i am resorting to mm actions to get
through the day- or the week. i want to put
my ALL into the things that are important
to me. my whole heart, soul, and all my

so this week i am really making a point of
letting my heart direct me in:
scripture study
personal relationships.

i feel like i could use meaningful conversation
and interaction. i could benefit from meaningful
scripture study, and i definitely want to feel close to
the Lord.

here's to a new week. :)


cherie said...

awesome post, ame! thanks for the perfect inspiration this week!

AMBER said...

I know I need to work on this too. Thanks for the reminder :D

Dene' said...

I am right there with you. What a great metaphor and isn't it true. Thanks for the great reminder. This is yet another area that I need to work on.

Laura & Jimmy said...

what a nice post. sounds like a good talk. it's important to remember and savor each day and not just 'go through the motion'. thanks!