Saturday, February 2, 2008

vintage love

i've always loved these pictures of my grandparents- especially the one on the left. (thanks for the copies, cherie!)

i love:
how they are dressed!!
the kiss
the arms
the tip toes
and just the feeling i get when i look
at them.

grandpa looks like a tall drink of water- but mostly cuz granny is
4'9!! he he he.


Clay's gal said...

Sorry we had to cancel on you guys!Poor Reddin has a double ear infection and strep throat. Reed had it the week before. Hopefully Rhett won't get it! I am so done with the sleepless nights and sick dudes! Next week for sure! We are looking forward to it! I love the pics of your grandparents!

Kylie said...

That is the cutest picture ever!!!! And I LOVE the page you did!! Where do you get all your digi scrapbook stuff...I love it!!

Bridget and Dustin said...

What a cute scrapbook page. Love the cute pictures of your grandparents!

hollysboys said...

hi amy. its clays sister, holly, dont know if you remember me, garret will. i just wanted to tell you i hope you dont mind me looking at your site now and then i just love it and i love the way you antique your pics its super cute. i am still learning the whole digi scrappin but im having a ball doing so..anyway just wanted to say hello and compliment your work.
luv holly

amy said...

i get them on 2ps. my sister pumps out 2-3 new kits a week and i am always there lookin' at the new stuff each tuesday.

Jami Baker said...

You totally got your smile from your grandma!! So cute! Nice post!

AMBER said...

Thanks! You seriosly have the cutest blog! I love it- You know I was thinking we should have a little barbQ & invite the neighbors. What do you think? Also I was thinking it would be fun to take them to the V-day party for church. But I'm not even sure we are having one. Do you know anything about it? P.S. love the old photos:D

cherie said...

dude, amy! you rock!!!!
love this so much!

Shelle said...

OK, I've never really thought this, but look at Grandpa's face, maybe squint a little - do you see Joseph???? As in, Joseph Garns Mask? Especially his posture, expression??? I'm dying!! It could be HIM, I tell ya!