Wednesday, February 6, 2008

perfect nonsense

**disclaimer: those in my family on the garns side have
a fixation on food texture. i am not sure why we even
notice it- but we do and it makes a HUGE difference to
us. i totally remember my mom saying to her brothers-
while eating something- 'oooh. do you know what would
be good with this?' and she'd go in depth about something
that would take something good to the next level. then they'd
agree and say 'or this...' or 'yes, and then a little of...'
i am now my mother and have caught myself in the very same

reese's peanut butter- hearts.

the name alone stirs my soul.

could there be anything more perfect?
more delicious?

i am not a fan of the regular reese's pb cups.
1- i don't care for the hard ridges the paper creates
2- the pb seems hard too

the holiday reese's pb cups are PERFECT. i love how soft the
chocolate is! the pb is soft - and there's more of it
in the holiday shapes.

i'm so glad reese's finally figured it out and released
v-day hearts
easter eggs
halloween pumpkins
christmas trees

i think the egg came first- but i don't remember.

thursday i bought two bags of 35 small hearts to
give w/ a valentine for the kids' classes.

we had them eaten by friday. we shared the joy
with kim and her kids and jeff and cherie too.
i had others on my list too -
until i saw they were all eaten. (how on earth...?)

on the way home last night- alex and bailey
were talking about the hearts. alex commented
that they were so delicious
he couldn't stop with just one. then he said,
'it's a shame they only make them once a year'

i was dying inside. too funny. before i had
kids, i wondered if they would loath chocolate like
their father does. i'd have no one to share holiday treats, the
joy of a movie with treats, or the occasional baked
goodies. i now know i am not alone. my kids
definitely inherited my strange passion for all things

wait till alex sees the pb eggs- it will make his month.


hollysboys said...

DANG amy!!you, by far , have the most bestest blog in the world!!you are so talented with your designs. keep it up girl, its totally inspiring to the rest of us!!!luv ya. holly

Sloopy Farkle-Tush said...

Ames - I LOVE it all!! Your Valentine Blog is the best! It makes me feel luvy-duvy and warm all over. And I say "thank you".

Meredith said...

That is too cute. I like the reese's minis. They have just the right proportions for me. Alex is adorable and he will LOVE those pb eggs!

Rhiannon Nielsen said...

I couldn't agree more about reese pb. They are so good. I think they taste so much better in the shapes then in the cup form.

Lindsay Ann said...

The disclaimer is so true! Jerry and his family do it all the time. So funny! I must admit though, I've been introduced to some dang good stuff. I remember one time Sterling and Jared made up their own sweet and sour sauce. It was amazing. And Jerry's Cinnamon toast with sliced apples and cheese - yum!

Melis said...

A post dedicated to chocolate... now that's my kind of post! LOVE IT! ;)

Shannon said...

My mouth is sooo watering because of this post! The special reese are so my favorite because they do seem a little softer and little more divine! I love post!

Shelle said...

Ame, you are hilarious!

I love your obsession with treats!

Just to keep history straight, the first 'special' reese's was the Christmas of '91 - Trees. Eggs weren't until a few years later, then hearts, and,finally, pumpkins.

I remember celebrating each new shaped confection!

Heidi Lawson said...

Had to go out and buy a package myself. I'm devouring right now and am in ultimate HEAVEN. LOVE love them.

Clay's gal said...

If my kids were not already asleep or if Clay was not at an off-duty job I would go to the store right now and get some Reese's hearts! I didn't know they made Valentine's Reeses. I am totally with ya I love the Holiday ones with out the ridged sides! I thought I was the only one who waited for the Chrismas trees or Easter eggs to eat Reese's. Great minds think a like!

emily said...

SOOO funny Aim... of course you know we share this LOVE in common, I think that's why our bond is SO tight and can not be broken!

Funny about the dislaimer.. I noticed this in your family early on, thought how funny it was when we'd eat things my room...alot....... and you'd comment on the candies consistancy and I've inherited it!!!