Monday, March 10, 2008


I'm so excited to introduce you to the Chic Shack- which is the brainchild of myself and the talented Rhonna Farrer.
Rhonna designs the vinyl wall aRt with exclusive Rhonna
DESIGNS - to chic up your walls; to chic your shcak; chic up
whatever you want!
I produce the designs in vinyl that is specially made to adhere to
flat surfaces (walls, mirrors, wood, concrete...).
Each time we present a Rhonna Design on our site, you will find
an idea gallery to get the creative juices a flowin'!

Our debut Rhonna DESIGN is -

And our Grand Opening in our Etsy shop is on the 15th of March!
BUT...I'm going to be giving away the whole kit
(1 large- approx: 26"h x 22.5"w
1 medium- approx: 15"h x 13"w
2 small- approx: 7"h x 6"w each
black matte vinyl)
to the person (we choose) who tells me why the damask kit should grace their walls.

You have until March 15th at midnight & the giveaway is closed.
I'll make the announcement & you'll be getting one chic package
in the mail to chic your shack!
So, get ready to chic it up, baby & leave a comment.

** ah yes, visit the fabulous Chic Shack blog to see photos of gorgeous,
creative ideas for using the KIT. It also contains detailed instructions for
applying the Chic Stickers so check it out.
ps. you'll love it. :)


momofsix said...

Just 'cuz I WANT it! I WANT it! I WANT it!! Can't believe the great ideas you have for using the stickers. Your Chic Shack blog is amazing. Please pick me. Please. PLEASE!!

Melis said...

Ja-ya! I wanna win too! Hee, hee! I am so stinkin' excited for you, Amy & Rhonna! You go girls!

Wardell Family said...

K, I am having a baby soon and really want to do something different with the nursery! This is the perfect idea I have been looking for!!! What an awesome idea with the frame too. LOVE the blog-not even brown nosing so I will win...but I am Melissa's friend and I WANT TO WIN! :) good luck!

Monica said...

I love it!!! Live in a rental and can't paint the walls in my house so I feel like I live in a cream box. I love this look and know exactly where I would put it. My joy in life is doing stuff to my house since I'm busy with 2 kids (3 soon) and watch 2 other babies during the day. I would love to win something new for my sad little home.

McDowell family said...

It sounds like there are lots of women that would be very deserving, but I really hope you pick me. I desperately need help in the creative department and your stickers are right up my alley! I've tried many times to be crafty, but to no avail. I've had a complex about creative/art things ever since getting an unsatisfactory for my grade in 6th grade art. Please help! I'd love to have something darling on my walls!

TheReadFam said...

How about 5 good reasons.
#1 I've NEVER won any giveaways EVER
#2 These are to die for
#3 I don't know how to decorate and these would be P-E-R-F-E-C-T in my Boring Kitchen and Bath!
#4 Because I copy everything Melis does, so since she has them I must have them too!
#5 Because I love your site, I love your blog and I love your sis in law Melis.

Lindsay Ann said...

Amy - once again, you guys are amazing. Of course I would love to win this, but how can you compete with whats already been said. Lets put it this way, I have bare walls and no money! :)

Haley said...

I need to glam up my house a little bit. I would look fabulous in my bedroom....Please please please.

Anonymous said...

I really need this kit. Not only do I need huige help in the creativity department, but my house is the most boring you have seen!! I promise, I will send you a pic if you want. The walls are beige, the carpet is beige, and everything is so neutral. I need something bold to help me make a statement that I have some style. The vynal is perfect for me too because we live in a lease right now and can't paint. Please, Please pick me!!!
I am also one of Melis' friends!!

Amanda said...

My Master bedroom has ALWAYS been last on my list! I really think this would get me started in there and motivate me not to leave it last!!!

Laura & Jimmy said...

Ok, I have to get in on this... although I can see it's going to be a hard decision for you!!

I have WHITE walls! Our $$ always seems to be needed for something other than paint and supplies! They could really use some chic design! ...and much of the decor I have is still from the first year of our marriage... ack!!

Whatever you decide, congratulations on your new Etsy store!!

Lesha said...

There is nothing on my bedroom walls and THIS would give me the perfect excuse to do something about that. :)

Meredith said...

Way to go, Amy & Rhonna!! I want it because I love your stuff and have always been too chicken to ask you about prices and whatnot. I also want to put that on my door, it would be sooo cute! I have been meaning to redecorate my door for awhile, it's been the same since about 4th grade!The blog for the Chic Shack is soooo adorable. You guys just complete dumbfound me with your creativeness. It's just crazy amazing. Love ya Amy! You are tooo tooo marvelous!

blog4reel said...

I'd love for your blog to be a part of our competition, Please check us out. It's free.
- Kimberly

Clay's gal said...

I am a huge fan of you and Rhonna as you already know! But, I think you should pick me because I am the only girl in my house. The Queen of the castle if you will. I have never been able to do decorate anything girly with 3 boys, 4 counting Clay.The Damask design is perfect because it allows a feminine flare without being over the top girly! It would be the perfect touch to "Chic my Shack".

I'm so excited for you! Way to go girl!

Staci said...
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Staci said...

WoW! What a great idea!!! I saw your link on Melissa Mile's blog & had to stop by your site. CUTE.CUTE.CUTE.

I would LOVE to CHIC up my MASTER BEDROOM! We have NO headboard & have been looking for something FUNKY/CLASSY to go above my bed & I think this is perfect!

I also sell clocks & think your design would be ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS in the center of a clock. Hmmm...and then that clock would look perfect above my bed...

Really, I want to wish you the best in your new Etsy store & I think you have a great thing going. I would LOVE to win to help Chic up my house!

Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

Such a cute idea! I've been looking for a really creative way to redecorate. I like what Wardell family said about decorating the nursery, cause I myself am excepting a little one, of course Amy you already know that. Haha... Anyway, I have some other idea's what I would love to do with the Chic Shack stickers! Love it!!

Kylie said...

Amy...seriously...your creativity is out of control! You and Rhonna are AMAZING and totally inpsiring! This is the EXACT look and style I have been going for in my master bedroom (but like someone else already said, it's the room always last on my list). I have never had a decorated master bedroom yet! (we even slept with our mattresses on the floor for a whole year before we had a bed). I am definitiely going to be checking your blog and etsy site--super cute! And I am going to do a post about it on my blog if you don't mind, because I am so in love with your work!!!

Janelle said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it. I've been wanting to do something with Damask for a while and when I came across your shop I knew I found what I wanted! So, basically I WANT TO WIN!!!! :)

[dene'] said...

Amy, I would LOVE it and here is why...
I am living in Minnesota where we are behind the times. I think it takes us a good 5 years to get what's going on on the West Coast. I just repainted my basement yellow to help cheer me up through these LONG, COLD winters in Minnesota [yes, it's still in the 20's] HOWEVER I have been struggling as to HOW I am going to decorate it. Your giveaway couldn't be more perfect. Money is tight because my husband is still in training where we finally for the first year in our 7 years of marriage have a paid job [am I sounding pitiful, or what?] It's true! I also think this would be a great way to market your product in a place that hasn't seen ANYTHING like this before. Rochester, MN has SEVERAL, SEVERAL LDS young families that would eat it up. PLease consider me. I'm behind the times, needing a pick me up, money is tight, I LOVE your designs, Rochester needs to see this AND my room needs it on its walls. IT would MAKE MY DAY and year! PPPPPLEASE CONSIDER ME.

AMBER said...

CAUSE you know it would look "gangsta" on our walls! And soon we can "roll deep" & go "smoke some grass!" Ha Ha :D

-Trey Dawg
(you're pimp daddy neighbor)

Anonymous said...
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