Saturday, March 22, 2008


adam loves animals and is calling most of them ruff-ruffs.
its fun to see him learn and grow!

i also LOVE the face he is doing in the
bottom two pics! whenever he does it, gar comments,
'he's so pleased' in a funny voice and we all laugh.

damask revolution- Rhonna Farrer, 2ps


Raygon said...

your digital scrapbooking skills are killin' me! you are so good at it!
love the post below about mexico. bummer you were sick.

Melis said...

Oh my goodness! That kid just gets cuter by the day! Love his facial expressions! Squeeze all three for me & tell them I love them!

P.S. Happy Easter!

AMBER said...

Your lesson today was just amazing!! Happy Easter.

Clay's gal said...

He is such a cutie!Rhett loves dogs to. he likes to pretend he is one. He goes around on his hands and knees licking everyone and everything! Silly boys!!

hollysboys said...

Hi amy. sorry i have not called you yet, i really do appreciate you willing to help me. we just got back from our cruise and my stupid comp. is conking out on me. i have to have jim fix it. i cant work on anything and its killing me, im on jims comp. now but of course none of my stuff is on his. anyway as soon as i get a chance i will call you if you are still willing!! by the way your baby is a doll !! and i cant believe how much your older boy is totally garret jr.all 3 of them are adorable!!! luvya.