Thursday, March 20, 2008

viva mexico

(more mexico from 2 yrs ago)
we celebrated my parents 40th year
anniversary in mexico (since they were
serving there!) - with just the
siblings and spouses. i totally looked
forward to the little get away!

then, i found out i was pregnant, and
did the math. dang!! i'd be in mexico during my sickest week!! grrrr.... (@ 9 wks pregnant with bailey, i landed myself in the er. the dr. told me the peak of sickness is 9 wks. ).
well, i decided this pregnancy i just wouldn't get sick. it wasn't an option.

ha! since when do you want to be sick anyway? i
think my phrase for the
trip was- 'i
could puke on command'.
the night before the trip i
told gar i just couldn't
go- i was too sick and couldn't
stand the thought of plane travel,
and the car travel on pothole-infested
streets! especially with my dad's
driving!! mama mia!! (papa mia).

gar talked me into going and said i'd be so
mad i missed it while my whole family was
there- together. true, true!
i decided to go.
i figured i could be home
on the couch- sick-
or in mexico with family-
sick. (some days i did
long for my couch...)

it was a crazy, eventful trip-
that included:
one couple getting stuck in hermocillo with a flat tire (a plane with a flat?!)
one couple barely getting out of hermocillo and making the connecting flight
our huge van getting a flat on the mexican highway, after midnight!!! (yeeesh)
an awesome church meeting
yummy food
great views!
lush greenery
late night talks in the hotel room
an *awesome* shoe shine
good company
mom and dad did EVERYTHING in their power to create a wonderful experience. :)

after the first 24 hours in mexico, i didn't take a picture of anything or anyone! i was in survival mode and pictures didn't even appeal to me. (that's when you KNOW i'm sick).
sad. i didn't get any of my siblings or spouses, or any of the fabulous places we ate, or visited.
in travel, normally my philosophy is- 'if i don't have a picture of it, it might as well not have happened'.
i do not feel this way about this trip. i do wish my sister shelle and her husband would
have made it!! it was definitely not the same without them. (and like i said- the memory here is better than the actual experience...) i think the few pictures and memories i have are

lesson learned:

hindsight is 20/20 and is usually seen through rose-colored glasses. :)


Clay's gal said...

I totaly hear ya on the morning sickness.Why do they call it that? It's more like morning, noon, and night sickness! Not fun!!

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momofsix said...

I really really really REALLY likey!!

Anonymous said...

See here or here

Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

I feel you Amy, I feel you!