Sunday, March 30, 2008

yummy spring

spring is in the air!

i want this for a springy kitchen.

green wall (as an accent wall color)
pb candle holders
pb urns, pots
ballard art
ballard chargers

we'll see if i'm brave enough to paint my (red) kitchen wall an apple green color!

climbin' trees...

i l-o-v-e the orange blossoms!

oh deelish!
loved these orbs i saw on a french site. never saw a price.

rollin' down hills...

'fonly these throw pillows weren't $89 a piece!
i have just the place for them.


connie s.miles said...

Oooo - It's going to be BE-U-TI-FUL!

Rhonna said...

um...'fanyone can pull it off, itschew! you rad designer, you!

cherie said...

can't wait to see what your creative mind pulls off!! yum!

Shannon said...

Go green...I love is a calm color and looks so pretty on the walls. I love your spring cute have fun decorating!

Sam and Mandy said...

I just wanted to let you know that I painted my kitchen a lovely green and I LOVE it!! It makes it such a lively place to be in! I say go for it!

Jami Baker said...

Hey Amy, sorry bout the babysitting. Braeden got homesick even at my mom's house, so she felt bad and decided to go stay at our house so he would feel better. But I am still willing to watch your little ones. Don't be afraid to ask. We can call it even if you would take pictures of our new baby when he comes!! Let me know!

Laura & Jimmy said...

beautiful stuff! luv your style.