Tuesday, April 1, 2008

march madness

i always thought march madness was just a marketing gimmick.

not so.

our march madness laundry list:

re-floor the entire house
gar- sick
chic shack opens
me- strep
followed by bailey
flooring finished
i stain/seal all grout w/ a toothbrush
spring break
parents come to visit
easter :)
gar and i teach church easter lessons
new sectional- (gar donated our couches)
alex gets the stomach flu
followed by adam
then me
gar- sick
washer catches on fire in mid rinse- of 'flu' laundry
gar spills contents of washer while removing it (oops/YUCK)
new washer (the other was just out of warranty)
gar goes to dr. after he finds a lump
we do an ultrasound on it. waiting on results...

WHEW! great stuff happened, and some not-so-great.
and, talking to others, sounds like march was FULL all around.
here we are- the first day of april!
here's to a new beginning! we've made it through
and await {with hope} anything april may bring our way!
(thanks for all the help and prayers from family and friends.) :)

digikit peachy keen album kit
font- 2ps rhonna farrer whirlygig


Kerby Family said...

Okay your blog is too stinkin cute. What is the deal? Mine is very amatuerish compared to yours. I have alot to learn. Well how is YW? Miss it a lot. I just got called to be on the Enrichment Commity. Boo. Just kidding it's just not Bridlegate YW.

Melis said...

Good grief! I sure hope that you guys have a better April! You deserve it, that's for sure! Thinking about you guys lots! Love you!

Melis said...

Oh, love the pic & lo! Classic!

Shannon said...

Oh goodness Amy...you guys all so sick is soo not fun. I feel for you guys. I hope everything turns out ok with your husband. I'll be hoping for a better April for you guys! Get Better.

Jill said...

Isn't Life crazy how you can be going along and everything is great and then you get hit, and when it rains, it pours! Is your hubby ok?

cherie said...

sorry to hear about the washing machine incident. blech!
hope all is well.

Bridget and Dustin said...

You guys have had a crazy month. I hope your April will be not so crazy. I hope everyone is feeling better over there. Love the cute picture of the two of you.

Clay's gal said...

Is Garrett okay????Sorry you have had a bad month! I kind of feel the same way! April WILL be better!

Are you guys still up for tomarrow?

Everton Family said...

Hey Amy, I found your blog through Cherie's. So darling... of course, I should of guessed. March was a crazy month. I hope your husband Garrett is ok. I will check back. So good to see what you've been up to. Go to my blog and click on Jan's! How fun!

Laura & Jimmy said...

Whew. I got tired just reading that! I hope everythings ok with Garrett.