Wednesday, April 23, 2008

favorite things

ok, got tagged. and i actually got around to doing it this time. :)

My favorite thing in my:
~kitchen is my white sideboard.

~living room is my console table and mirror.

~bedroom is my jewelry tree (thx, emily).
i like the bed too. and my red damask pillow. love that.

My favorite thing about Adam and Alex's room is their books.
they get such a kick out of them.

My favorite thing about Bailey's room is her corner with the
little chandelier and the 'B' with the border around it.

My favorite thing about our studio is ... oh my... must i choose one?
maybe my imac, maybe the ribbon holder, maybe the umbrella
stand that holds my wrapping paper (thanks suss), or maybe my work space
(cheap utility table on pvc risers.)
that is completely an open, free space- just waiting for that next

My favorite thing in the house is my new tile. lovin' it.

Gotta say it, my most favorite things in my house aren't things.
The kids are at such fun ages. I love the laughter and mischief they bring to the house.
They truly make it HOME. :)

i tag whoever wants to jump in.

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Rhonna Farrer said...

loved reading your are so cute! smoochies!
beeg keess!