Monday, April 21, 2008


garrett is no diy-er. he likes to buy
things as a finished product. we've talked about reflooring so many times, but
haven't made the steps to actually do it. well, i was in on my computer the
saturday after v-day and i heard this sound. i walked into the hall and this
is what awaited me.

i knew g was starting some
thing that was HUGE- way bigger than he thought it would be.
carpet was pretty easy to tear out. tearing up tile is another story...
and we just did the demo. we had a friend lay the new tile. it was quite a process, and it
was not the funnest to actually live in the house and try to carry on with every-
day life. but it's done now and we love it.


Clay's gal said...

It looks amazing Amy! Our house is a work in progress as well! We always have some kind of project we want to do! I love the new couch!

Jill said...

I know it is a pain to live through the mess, but pays off in the end. It looks Great!!

Melis said...

LOVE it! It turned out so good, Mame!

AMBER said...

Lookin Gooood! I hear ya on the HUGENESS of the flooring project.I hope my house can look cute again. I love all your new decor, be-U-tiful!

Sam and Mandy said...

That is a lot of work, but it turned out great. I love it!

Jan said...

Wow...I am impressed. It looks awesome and I love the tile and new couch. The green wall would look awesome...I wish paint didn't take so long...I am a 1 hour project kindof girl and I hate to have my house turned upside down, but I think that it was worth looks fabulous! You decorate so cute too!

Anonymous said...

momofsix says: Looks GREAT so far. Keep pluggin'. The end result will be ta DIE for!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh looks FAB....LOVE it! can't wait to see your color changes, too! you are amazing!