Friday, April 11, 2008

red curly lines

(i want to post on conference, but i don't
have the time to devote to it yet.)

i get home from a fabulous trip to conference.
we didn't sleep enough, laughed too much, ate
too many treats, listened to the BEST talks
ever, and just enjoyed each other's

i am home- checking e-mail and alex looks me in the

'mom, your eyes have red, curly lines in them.'

amen!! can i go back to sleep now?!?


Clay's gal said...

Amen sister! I hear ya on the need for more sleep!I'm glad you had a good trip!!!

emily said...

I think i have told everyone this story!! priceless!!!

Melis said...

Too stinkin' cute! Love that boy!!!

Jan said...

I think my eyes have red curly lines too... but from new baby syndrome! Glad you had a good weekend. Conference is awesome... do your parents live in SLC or somewhere else? Are you still in AZ? Your little boy is adorable.

AMBER said...

Amy,do you do photography as a business or just a hobby?

Laura & Jimmy said...

haahahaha! that's too cute.