Tuesday, April 15, 2008

april conference recap

could there have been a better conference?!? i think not. each session of conference was
packed with gold, i tell ya. garrett and i just soaked it up.

we were able to be at the saturday morning session which was so wonderful! it was amazing
to be there when Pres. Monson was sustained as the prophet of our church! we each had such
strong feelings of love, support, brotherhood, and a desire to BE better! we caught sunday am
too and then watched the other 2 on tv.

garrett and i talked about how much we loved this new presidency. we love the talks
that were given. each one was just what we needed to hear. it was the perfect time to
sit, reflect, and listen. we also set some objectives and are doing well. i am so happy we were able to go! (thanks for the help, jami & mark, and our fam!!)

it's been fun to read the talks on line. every talk was fabulous, but my favorite was Daughters of God. the fact that it was just for mothers, or anyone who has been a young mother was great.
it spoke to my soul. i felt understood, loved, and appreciated. i LOVE that it has 3
easy steps to make your household run more smoothly! (including steps for kids and husband!)

ok, i'm done.

it was just a superb weekend that - dare i say- was life changing.
i document this so a month from now, when i forget my enthusiasm of this week,
i can kick myself into the mode again by reading.

***thanks for the pics, rhonna!!


Anonymous said...

momfosix says: m-m-m-mmmmm Thanks. What a "feel good" post. Your feelings and testimony came through loud and clear and I clicked and read Elder Ballard's talk again too. Love it! NO! I mean I REALLY LOVE IT!! Thanks again.

AMBER said...

That is so neat that you could go! I really enjoyed your testimonies on sunday. You guys are awesome! Thanks for the ear muff things. Trey is out there working like a dog & I am bloggin (oops I am sidetracked) better go see if i can sweep somethin! Ha ha.

Laura & Jimmy said...

i love conference weekend, too! and that was also my favorite talk. i loved that he said we should "live in the moment"... actually i'm not sure if that was his exact wording, but basically we only have so many moments and we should enjoy every one!!! :o) thanks for your enthusiasm.

Clay's gal said...

To answer your ? where do I find the time?....Thursday nights Clay has his off duty job. After we meet him for dinner I come home and put the dudes to bed and scrap away! I usually wait up for him and it helps me to stay awake! Other than that there is no time!! I'm always over booking myself leaving me wishing there was more hours in the day!

I loved Elder Ballard's talk! Every Mom needs to hear it!!!