Thursday, May 1, 2008


we had such a great time camping last weekend. overall.

we went to blue ridge with some families from gar's work.

we had fun around the fire and ate some YUMMY camp food! kudos to kirk, cory, and jeremy's families!!

a few things that w
ere not in our favor:
1. freezing cold night
2. sleeping bags that weren't made for the cold
3. an 18 month old baby

around 11:30 pm bailey and alex asked to go home .
and 12 and 12:30 and 1... we stayed for the night
just to say we did it. :) and so i could get pictures. we wanted the good memories outweigh the not-so.

once the night was over, we had a blast!

on the way home we stopped @ christopher creek.

the kids had fun skipping rocks and laughing at dad
dive into the cold water.

it was quite
brown, with only teeny signs of spring
here and there.

ah yes, i have been using rhonna's patterned paper kit!!! i am addicted.
it's so fun!


Mr. & Mrs. Hatch said...

I'm glad you guys ended up having fun! Next time make sure you grab the right kind of sleeping bags.

Also, what program do you use to do you DS? Is it a separate program or is it iphoto?

Shakadal said...
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allofInterest said...

Your blog seems to be a total funtime.

Nice blog! said...
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