Friday, May 2, 2008

huggable, kissable...

it's official. he's so cute, i could eat him up.

i love asking him a question
and hearing him respond,
Yah! in a delighted voice.

i love seeing him on his
tippy toes trying to reach things.

i love when he comes in to me and jibber jabbers something w/ much emotion as he grabs my
hand. then he runs in front of me as i follow. his feet pitter patter and one arm swings. he then triumphantly points to what he wants. i give it to him. again, i hear the sweet 'yah!'

i love watching him 'read' books.
i love hearing his lil' voice sing sweet songs.

i love his cute dimples.
i LOVE his little smile that lights up the room.
i love this boy.


Heidi Lawson said...

Those are beautiful pictures. What a cutie! And man, his hair grows FAST. Wasn't he just shaved bald a few months ago? Teagan has been working on his head of hair for 16 months and isn't even close to what Adam has. Crazy!

connie s.miles said...

Ames!! These pics are PERFECT!! Where and How did you take them? The lighting is perfect!! All I can say is WOW!!!

Yvette said...

I agree, what a cutie! Seems like he's grown so fast. Wasnt he just a baby?

Melis said...

I just wanna reach through the computer screen & stick my finger in those cute, lil' dimples & then squeeze him! Hee, hee! Love the pics & post!

Clay's gal said...

So sweet!!!!Don't you just love that age! He is such a good mix of you and Garrett! So so cute!

Anonymous said...

oooooooooohhhhhhh! I want to squeeeeze him ta death!! Wht a sweeeeety. Love the fotos and the text made me cry.
Waiting for the entry (shout out) on Bailey's own personal composition and performance!!

Meredith said...

He's just soo cute.

cherie said...

cutie patootie!