Sunday, May 4, 2008

piano recital

bailey had her piano recital last night. it was the last year of the 3 year course and
the third year each child does an original composition.

they compose it entirely by
themselves and name it.
it was great to see lil' bailey
go up, introduce herself and
her piece then play it on the stage. what a little sweet-

she did a great job! she even
forgot the middle so she improvised and then brought it all home and ended on mi, re, do. what a champ.
at the end, miss shelle gave each of them a trophy! the 3rd pic she is looking down at it. i love the look on her face. she was thrilled to have her first very own trophy. she kept saying it over and over. she even told a nice lady
at mesa's frozen yogurt all about her 3 years of piano practicing she endured for that trophy. :)

we LOVE lets play music! it's a great 3 years of music and an awesome springboard for private
piano lessons! it truly does make musicians out of the kids!! shout out to my sister shelle who
is the mastermind behind it. :)

we can't wait for alex to start in the fall!


Melis said...

Go BAILEY! We love you & are so proud of you, you little musician! Congratulation & hugs & kisses from Rob, Melis & Reed!

And go Let's Play Music/Shelle! I only dream of one being near us! Someday!

Meredith said...

Way to go Bailey! She looks so cute in her dress... Is that from Melissa's wedding? Congrats on getting a trophy!

Anonymous said...

CONGATULATIONS to Bailey! What an amazing thing! Your very own musical composition at the age 7? WOW!! We have a budding Mozart here -- or would that be a budding Garrett?. Remember, I want you to play the piece for us when we come home in June.

Rhonna Farrer said...

aw, Bailey Sue!!!!
congrats, girlfriend! You got it goin' with the Music Genes; improvising & such? LOVE those pics, Amy...& of course, how you presented are the queen!
love you all!

hollysboys said...

i love that she was brave enough to do the improvising, thats such a big girl of her! and of course i love your last few posts they are the best. i can always count on you for ideas! i just got done ordering the paper making kit, i have seen it before but wasnt sure what to do with it, but thanks to you, i am set. i also counted my RF kits and i have 39. i guess i am a little bit crazy about her stuff. keep up the good work to both of you!! and congrats to cute bailey!!!luvyaholly

connie s.miles said...

Beautiful Bailey!! I'm so sorry I missed it!! I'm proud of you sweetheart. Keep going with your music and it will bless your life and those you love, always!
Love, Nana
PS - Beautiful pictures!

linda williams said...

I am so glad we talked. Your family is beautiful. I love your hair. My email is
Talk to ya soon.

Kylie said...

I am in a bookclub with a bunch of girls who LOVE Lets Play Music (one of them even teaches it). They talk about it all the time! I can't wait until Powell's old enough to start!