Thursday, September 25, 2008

make peace... not war

alex wakes up-- moaning.

me- 'alex, what's wrong?'
a- 'it's hippie day and my principal says i have to dress up.'
me- 'alex. if you don't want to, no big deal. it's optional.'
a- 'nope. she said we must.'

he is not one to dress up. he dislikes anything itchy, bumpy, scratchy, tight, loose, pokey, etc.
the fit must be perfect. the socks must be just right.
no collared t's, or shorts with any elastic/button waistbands.

hence the moaning.
he really believed it was a requirement.
so, we spent all morning finding articles of clothing
he would wear. we went through granny's costume bin. most
things he would say 'no' to, then start whimpering and rolling on the
bed. i told him i would write a note to the principal excusing him from
dressing up.
no dice.
we continued the process. he would veto the item, and i would
say, 'then don't dress up.'
finally, he agreed to a wig and bandanna. (which was hilarious- but i was out of ideas)
and sandals, 'cuz hippies don't like closed shoes'. i knew he'd go for that.
i told him he could just wear the wig for 5 min. while they voted, then ditch it in his back pack.
to make it more real i made the picketing sign. signs don't scratch.

bailey looked cute in her tie-dyed dress and we put peace signs and a heart on each cheek.
hair straightened, and parted down the middle.

we pulled up as the bell was ringing.
i giggled, watching them making their way up the sidewalk.
what a sight.

i thought about alex's reaction to what he was feeling this morning.
he wanted to follow the 'rules' he just didn't feel like he could pull
it off. bless his heart. i *hoped* they would both have a pleasant day of school.

**after school, alex walked to the car smiling and wigless.
he won for his kindergarten class! he got candy and
got to stand in the winner's circle. phew! no childhood damage done.
bailey was down. i guess kids told her she looked like she
was going to a ball. (??)
like he always does, alex shared his candy.
all was right.
then we headed
to the halloween superstore to look around.
it was a fun, stress-free afternoon spent with my kiddos.
we ALL needed that!


Meredith said...

They are too cute. I love that Alex actually won! But, poor Bailey. She looked so cute. Why would people say she looked like she was going to a ball? That doesn't make sense! Anyways, I love that they had fun with you after school and were able to just relax.


Jan said...

Love your hippy kiddos. Did we ever dress up like that or were we just poodle skirt girls and jeanies??? Glad you are getting settled...hope you find a home you like soon. Lisa and her hubby just bought one off of Southern and Higley. Not sure where you are. Jill is off of Lindsay and Williams Field. Glad you are still a big fan of halloween. This is the only sore spot in my marriage...Todd hates the holiday. We have learned to compromise, but I can't turn my house into a spook alley like the Manzers did...remember that??? Well, I do remember "Nor I..." Wasn't it from some Cinderella spoof and the prince says, "I've never felt this way." and she says "Nor I" We thought that was stinkin funny. Remember "Hello Sailor" said by some old lady that thinks some young guy was hot. Can't remember what show, but we said that a lot. Love your blog and all your cute pictures. It is fun to keep in touch.

Rhonna Farrer said...

aw, cute litter Alex...he's so cute!& you are such a good mom...wtg!

connie s.miles said...

Great photo AND greater story!!