Wednesday, September 24, 2008


with the move is behind us, life is marching on. we have
friends renting our house while we look for a home (in our neighborhood) with more space.

by this time, i'm usually into the full swing of halloween - having had decos up for weeks.
i know i need to decorate for halloween since my kids adore the holiday! i just need to
scale it down from years past. 99% of it is in storage anyway.

I LOVE what rhonna did. something like this is enough to get the spooky vibes going- but doesn't take up the whole house.
a small concentrated space of creepy. perfect. i'll take pics when i decorate my temporary place.

what's your favorite halloween tradition or decor idea?


Meredith said...

I love the little additions to the pictures. So cute. And the new banner is just adorable!

Good luck with your Halloween decorating. I never do any decorating since I still live with the parentals and I don't really have any money to buy any cute/cool decor for each season.


Gretchen Knoblock said...

I love love LOVE Halloween!!! It's my favorite!! I have 5 big boxes of halloween stuff. I love the decorations Kody makes ( with my help).

Melis said...

So stinkin' cute! YOU ROCK!

connie s.miles said...

OOOOH AMES!! I L*O*V*E the new look!! And I'm SO exicted about FALL!! Why couldn't it be FALL for 9 months and hot summer for 2 weeks?! FALL is definitely my most-est FAVORite SEAson!!!

Rob, Jana & Parker said...

Oh, the whole autumn season is my favorite. I love pumpkins. They're just so CUTE and ORANGE!
I wish were down there so I could come see your cute ideas!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh, amy..your 'new look'of the blog...bewitched! *nose twinkle* & all!
love you!!!!

Laura and Jimmy said...

i love your picture. el guapo is one of my favorite characters :D

October is the best month EVER. putting out my fall leaf dish with candy corn candy on it and having to figure out how to keep Jakey from eating it all is a favorite pass time. :)

...and the orange lights around the door.