Thursday, September 11, 2008

melmo boyld!

yep, september 11th is lil adam's birthday. such a happy event helps
to lighten the mood in our house on
this infamous date. actually, he shares the date with my nephew (clate mask 4th) and my grandpa's birthday- clate mask- as well.

he is such a cutie and brings so
much life into our home.
the kids were so excited to wake him
up this morning and sing to him. we
couldn't wait to see his face when he saw his new elmo plate & bowl set.

i wanted to hear him yell
"melmo boyld!!" with sheer delight.

anytime we see elmo on anything- he yells it. i love it. he thinks he's saying
'elmo's world'. it's his favorite. ever.
he started this about a month and a

half ago.
i knew what his party would be!

so glad i made these then- otherwise i wouldn't have had the time with the move and all.

we are waiting till sunday to celebrate. i don't see it getting done before the move.

A- awesome
D- delightful
A- animated
M- my love

i used this rhonna kit to make the
birthday invites/signs. This kit is
fab for anything boy or party!! LOVE


Lindsay Ann said...

Why did you guys move? Those birthday invitations are adorable. What a cute idea.

Melis said...

Happy birthday to the cute lil' man! Give him extra hugs & kisses for us! Love that boy!

Meredith said...

Happy Birthday, Adam!!

He is such a cutie, Amy. And I love the invites. They are way cute!

Good Luck with the move!!


hollysboys said...

oh that is too cute! My sisters little girl also is in love with elmo, hes just a real great guy!!I love the job you did on the invites of course and happy big 2 to Adam!

connie s.miles said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! We are looking forward to Sunday when we will celebrate your birthday!! So looking forward to you opening our present!
Love Nana & Papa

Rhonna Farrer said...

happy birthday, cute Adam!
We love you!
Auntie Wonnie

Mark said...

He's 2 already??? Wow! You are right, he is a cutie pie! So fun, but I hate when they grow up so fast! Hope he had a fab party!

Mark said...

PS, Are you guys moved out completely? I will be so proud of you if you are! We'll have to come by and visit!

Mark said...

Ooops, I am signed in as Mark, but it's me, Jami.

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

Happy Birthday Adam!! We Love You!

Clay's gal said...

Happy Birthday to cute little Adam! Where did you guys move to? Tell Garr to call Clay and set up a date night! We miss you guys!

Clay's gal said...

P.s Rhett use to tell ue his name was "Melmo". I really do think he thought he was a little red furry dude, cause he use to get upset when we would tell him his name was really Rhett! Silly boys!

[dene'] said...

Amy you creative genious. Happy Birthday Adam