Wednesday, October 8, 2008

caramel apples and dr. phil

monday night we made caramel apples after dinner.
i gave the caramel a last stir when i asked
bailey to come in.
i called again... and again. no response.
then i heard the tv going. i hadn't turned it off after
i watched the evening news. i heard dr. phil's voice
and thought, great. what's the topic my 8 yr old is listening to?
i called for bailey again and asked if she had been watching dr. phil.
she walked toward me and started in,
"mom, you're not gonna believe this.
Steve, he just buys tools. he doesn't even use the tools. most of them
are still in their packages. so they are paying for them, while they just
sit on a garage shelf.
now, his wife, annie. (i was laughing inside. talk about regurgitating a conversation.)
she just sits around and doesn't pay any bills; not
for the phone or any other bill..."

i could totally imagine the couple going back and forth -each with his own
version of the story. i wasn't thrilled she caught 5-10 min. of dr. phil, but
i was relieved to hear the content wasn't something more adult. so i
"next time let's not watch dr. phil unless i'm with you, k?"

we ate the treat after family time, but the kids couldn't wait the hour
the caramel needed to set up. it was fun watching the kids try to eat
through the caramel to the apple. i don't think they got more than 2
bites of apple. but they made sure all the caramel was gone.
the apples were a great kick-off for october.

i used this halloween paper.


AMBER said...

Man that Carmel Apple looks G-00D!

Your kids are so smart, seriously.

connie s.miles said...

SOOOOOOO FUN!! Wonderful pics! You are such a good mom!

Meredith said...

That is one funny story! I love the things that kids say. Too too funny.

When I first saw the pictures of the caramel apples, I thought that somehow you had managed to make a design of caramel on the apples. I was like, "That is soo cool! I wonder how she did that?" Then I realized that it was digital scrapbooking! Which is still cool, but totally different from what I first thought!

And that picture... Classic.


Heidi Lawson said...

I left you some lovin' on my blog, passing on the "I {heart} sticker". Because you are the coolest.

RhonnaFarrer said...

hi guys!
sol & tali listened to me read the whole story of bailey...hilarious!
and that photo of alex!!!! LOVE it!

mm...wish we were there with you eating those yummy apples!

ame...what's your recipe for the carmel?
i wanna try it!

love you guys!
miss you TONS!
the Farrers

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

Mmmm Carmel Apples!

jeremy and natalie belnap said...

Hey, We are going private on our blog... so please leave me your email if you wish to be invited!

Jill said...

yummy...I want some. When you get a chance will you email me your recipe. Love the Dr. Phil story :)

Clay's gal said...

Yum yum!!!I want the recipe too!
I love this time of year and all the yummy treats that come with it!

The Dr.Phil story is a crack up!

Jill said...

Oh, you are too nice ;) Ya, I am sorry you are in boxes. I hope it will end for you soon. Glad to hear about the caramel...I do have a microwave, but that is about all :)

Melis said...

Mmmmm! I want to reach through the computer screen, grab one & endulge in that candy apple sweetness!

Also, I was laughing out loud when I read the Dr. Phil part 'cause I was totally channel surfing when I passed through Dr. Phil & heard some man talking about buying tools that he doesn't even open. Bwahaha!

Cassie Kerby said...

Yum! I love the fall, it just is such a great time to make treats that we don't usually make. What a fun night, I love the Dr. Phil conversation!!!

Jan said...

That is so funny about Dr. Phil...glad it wasn't some cheating story. It would be hard to explain that one. I love carmel apples. We made some the other day and my floor is STILL sticky from them. We are too impatient and couldn't wait for the carmel to set up so they dripped everywhere. Remember when we trick or treated as jeanies with pillowcases as our bags so we could get maximum amounts of candy? We started right after school and went clear until bedtime. Could we have been any cooler???

Jan said...

Hey...thanks for the comment on my blog. Todd went to the Italy Milan mission. He wants to go to Rome dang bad for the dedication or at least the open house, so maybe we'll have to do our Italy trip a little early. He was DYING when Monson announced it...just like you were! And yes I have tried peaches, but no...I don't like them. Love the flavor so in a smoothie or something...great, but the texture makes me gag...don't know why. Funny the things you remember...I don't ever remember not liking peaches as a kid, but it makes sense since I still don't like them! Do you still wash your mirrors and windows with newspaper? I thought that was so ingenious when I helped you clean one day!