Sunday, October 5, 2008

i threw a coin in the trevi fountain

i served a mission in rome from spring of '97
to december of '98.

of course i started screaming and running around the
kitchen. my kids ran in wondering what the deal was.
i told them and they joined in. i doubt they got it-
they jump on any excuse to scream and run around.

g and i have watched the announcement 8 times on the
internet. i can't get enough of it! i love the
reaction of all who were present!!
(to watch, click on the link above. go to the 4th frame,
'president thomas s. monson', and start @ 4:58)

i can't help but think back to the wonderful, faithful italian
church members who saved and then traveled such a long
distance to switzerland so they could receive the blessings
of the temple! i love them and hope to see them soon.

garrett and i plan to save up and travel to rome so we can
be there when they dedicate that beautiful building.

who's in?


Heidi Lawson said...

Derek made me a promise when we were married that if they ever built a temple in Rome, we would be there for the dedication. So we are definitely in! We need to meet up there!! What a dream come true that would be.

connie s.miles said...

How long will it take to build the temple? A couple of years? I've always thought that if Amy ever goes to Italy - I want to go too. That would be magnifico!! (I know -that was probably incorrect but at least I tried.)

Cassie Kerby said...

Me Me Me! I want to go too! What an incredible announcement. I bet you were so excited. Chad served in Norway but I don't think that there is much of a chance for a temple there to soon, maybe someday, anyhow I want to come to Rome with you...WE ARE IN!!!

Tisha and Mark said...

We will for sure be in for a babymoon by then :) And I am serious...please come and take some pics of my baby when she is born! :)

Becky W. said...

I wish...that is going to be awesome!

Katie said...

We were on an anniversary trip when Steve's dad texted me the news. We're planning to take the whole family!

Rhonna Farrer said...

i'm savin' NOW>>>>>
can't wait!

Melis said...

You've got quite the following! Mind another? After all, my dream vacay is a trip to Italy with Amy! You better believe I'm in! If only I knew the perfect Italian word to end this comment... all I know is basta & that doesn't seem to fit! ;) Here's to learning a few more words before the trip! Wahoo!

Anonymous said...

You bet!!! we're IN!!
Providing we're not living in South America somewhere. MOM