Wednesday, October 29, 2008

happy birthday jan!!

oh wow.
it's the birthday of my best childhood friend, jan!! every oct. 29th i think of her and wonder how she is and what she's up to! (pictured: jill, megan, jan)
i remember seeing her for the first time in church. she had just moved to arizona.
i had never seen such white skin before.
(idaho winters will do that to you).
we hit it off and soon were enjoying the carefree
life of a 9 year old.

we came up with countless businesses (home-made mints-
dance lessons -kid's summer crafts -babysitting...), sang songs,
babysat together, made prank calls, went to camp,
ate junk food, dreamed together, read the color code
book and both decided we were yellow even though
we aren't, watched the suns game while reading an
archeology book, had taco feasts, dreamed up and
made matching halloween outfits (50's poodle people &
i dream of jeanie), took sewing together, swim team,
countless hours of swimming in the summer, helped out
at the concession stand with carlos (sweet and low?), had a
love of exercise, made memory books and songs,
we cut our heads/faces out of our pictures and glued them
onto magazine pictures, rode bikes (kinda), met each other
in the alley behind our houses, ate ritz crackers and melted
cheese, quoted movies, learned the cha-cha, we earned money cleaning
her mom's clean house, got grounded together for
causing mischief, played creative games with
the neighborhood kids, and celebrated birthdays 3 wks apart.

In 8th grade, i moved away and we didn't see each other
nearly enough. then we lost contact.
i'm so glad we re-connected in this blogging world. :0
she's beautiful, a fabulous mom, has a kick-bum house
in idaho, loves to run and ski,
and still has that funny sense of humor! love it.

what fun times we had! i pray my bailey finds a friend as
fun, good, and as wonderful as jan. i think everyone needs
a jan in their life. it's so great to be a kid and be able to
enjoy every minute of it. we certainly did!

Awesome!! ;)
Never boring


Jan said...

Oh my GOSH!!! No one has ever given me such an honorary birthday tribute. I laughed my head off while at the same time felt like crying. I miss those days. We had so much fun and were so silly and care-free. I was so blessed to have a friend like you growing up! I was so scared to move to AZ (with my glowing white skin...thank goodness they invented sunless tanner) and having you made it all better. THANK YOU THANK YOU for that wonderful blurb about me. I can't wait for 3 weeks to roll around so I can make #32 as fun for you as you did for me. You are awesome and that was the best birthday gift ever! Love you!

Meredith said...

That was so sweet.

To me, it sounds a lot like Melissa and me growing up!


Craig & Lynda said...

Amy, you have been a wonderful friend to Jan! As her mother, I was always grateful that you two were best friends. You two were always so busy doing productive and fun things that you rarely got in trouble! Hope that your life is going well, Amy! It's been fun to look at your blog and see your awesome family. Love, Lynda Peterson (Jan's Mom)

Cassie Kerby said...

What a sweet tribute! Why do I know her? She must have been around a lot did she go to EFY with us? She is beautiful!!!!

Shannon said...

Holy Cow I know Jan! She was my next door neighbor roomate when I was up at Ricks. We had so much fun with those gals! She was so cute and fun. I even know who she married because I was there when she got engaged! How crazy is that! Happy Birthday Jan, this is Shannon Angi Wiz cousin!