Tuesday, October 28, 2008

neighborhood rockstar

friday i made cinnamon rolls.
as i kneaded, a knock came at the door. i opened to see the neighborhood kids. i wondered where bailey and alex were- they had been in and out- playing. but i thought they were outside now. this wasn't about alex or bailey.
they asked if adam could come out to play. there were about 8 of them, ranging in age from 12 to 6. i told them he was sleeping, but that i would send him out when he awoke from his nap. they knocked again 2 hours later.
funny little kid.
he is such a ham and keeps all the kids entertained with his funny
faces, acts, hugs, and kisses. he is always being held, or pulled on a skateboard, or pushed
in a stroller, or asked for a hug. bailey has come to me a couple of times and asked that i take adam inside because he is taking all the attention of the kids she wants to play with.

in other news,
a band of action figures were left homeless this morning following a mindless act of destruction.
onlookers watched in shock as the house collapsed after a giant boy flung himself onto it. the motive is not yet clear, but reports say it was in an attempt to hurt himself a little
so his mother wouldn't send him to school. authorities plan to further question the suspect, alex, when he returns from school later this afternoon.


Jami Baker said...

Adam is a cutie pie!! He has such a cute face! How funny that Bailey said that. Such a cute family!

RhonnaFarrer said...

oh my heavens....that little man.
you got your hands full, amy..if he has HALF the personality that you & Gar have...
you're up a creek!

Meredith said...

Adam is very cute. I love the picture of his "scary eyes."

And oh, Alex! What happened? Why didn't he want to go to school? Did you find out why?


amy said...

my kids ask to stay home almost every day. alex hates school just cuz. bailey hates it 90% of the time. it truly is taxing to get them out the door each morning. and i thought that wasn't supposed to become an issue till at least jr. high!

cherie said...

those eyes are cracking me up!

as for school, good luck! :)