Monday, October 27, 2008

it was GREAT!!

over $4,000 was raised this past saturday @ the mesa benefit sale for christian and stephanie nielson! wow. i am so happy i could take part in it, even if it was a small one. what an honor.

I read in the news yesterday that after saturday's mindy gledhill concert, the total money raised by family, friends, blog readers, and cyber buddies passed the $250,000 mark!! that's a lot of dough. and everyone's efforts have been astounding! that said, the nielson's bills will reach into the millions, so there is more to do!

here is yet another way to help the cause, and get a little somethin-somethin for yourself.
habit salon in mesa, (event spearheaded by my talented/beautiful/kind hearted friend emily) is having a nie day on saturday nov. 8th. 50$ will get you a cut and style. only 7 chairs/hour are available, so hurry. 100% of the proceeds go to the nielson recovery fund! more details here. i hope to see you there!

( cinnamon roll dough before i cut, baked, frosted, and packaged for the sale)

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linda said...

That is so neat. I didn't know them but I have been reading her sister's blog. I hope they recover quickly. They seem like a awsome family!