Monday, November 10, 2008

i can{ned}

yes, it's true.
(you have to say this statement below with the same
inflection, and excitement as bob did in 'what about bob"
(when he sailed) to get the effect.)

i can officially check this off the list of things that are
weighing on my subconscious.

check these babies out.

my sister saved one of the jars of brownies she'd canned 3 yrs ago
to open the day we did these. it was still delish! she uses
them whenever they want a little sweet something and
there is nothing to be found. you just slice it up and serve
with ice cream. i imagine taking these camping too.
i am working on getting a balanced meal stored, but i had to
start with dessert first. it's much more fun.

next on my list of sweet jarring is:
spice cake
vanilla cake
chocolate cake

**to make the cake, brownies, or muffins, or even bread, you just mix the batter (or dough) as usual. my sister does this and hasn't run into problems. however, there is talk about the safeness the eggs.
you can substitute the egg with knox gelatin. unlike an egg, gelatin has an infinite shelf life.
to make 1 egg: combine 1 teaspon
of unflavored gelatin with 3 Tablespoons cold water and stir until dissolved. then add
2 Tablespoons plus 1 teaspoon hot water and stir.
*Add 1/4 cup less water than it calls for to compensate for the added water in the 'egg'.

Mix batter in bowl.
then grab a wide mouth mason jar.
the rest of the directions are here. at the very top of page 6. the document is called everything under the sun- by Wendy Dewitt. It's such a great resource! (check out the bottled butter, shelf worthy real eggs, and bottling meats.)

we also bottled 12 jars of ground beef. (it's not as photo-worthy) as soon as chicken goes on sale, we will be doing that.

when i saw these in the grocery store, i had to buy them.
it was italy all over again. my mission companion, katie
would buy this milk and refrigerate it the night before
she'd drink it. she said it's good. i have yet to try it but
i would be happy to have this fresh milk on cereal- if i had
nothing else. the sauce is deevine! the flavor is amazing
and it really made my ragu (italian meat sauce) the other
night. i want to grab a few of these each time i shop.

ah yes, and i bought this. it makes doing laundry worth it. really.


Meredith said...

You're so cute, Amy! I love how the little things make you happy and get you excited! Not to mention the fact that everything can be a photo shoot! It always makes me smile to think about what could be next on your blog...


Jami Baker said...

You are so cute about the little things making you happy! My mom and I actually have some beef being pressure canned right now. It's great. Chicken is on sale at Sprouts for $1.77/lb. We got a ton of that and did that on Saturday. I will have to look into getting some dessert canned. MMMmmmmm!

RhonnaFarrer said...

very cool, ame...
share how you did the brownies & other sweets, k?

amy said...

rhonna, i added the directions in the post and a link to the document i use for a reference on all (well, most) things food storage.
ask and ye shall receive, eh?

Anonymous said...

Love your new fall-ish bannerf!!

cherie said...

holy cow! so are you telling me the brownies we had yesterday were canned?? dude! you amaze me! :)

Katie said...

Okay, but you have to add sugar and orzo, and then eat cookies from a 3 kg bag to do it like the old days!