Wednesday, December 10, 2008

birthday shout-out!!

0ur suss! it's her b-day and she deserves the best day ever!

i remember a family trip to 'rado a month before she married into the family. we both laughed so hard .
i got a kick out of her 'giggle' which
is really more like a shriek! too funny. you are like a sis, suss!

and just for fun:

m- most beautiful
e- ever so createeve (nana's accent)
l- lovely
i- impressive
s- sound in the gospel
s- sweet
a- awesome!!

and i can't wait till lil' quincy comes along!
love you.


Meredith said...

Happy Birthday, Melissa!

Miss you lots.

Melis said...

Shoot man!

Mame, you are the best! Thanks tons for the shout out! Talk about making a prego/birthday girl's day! Miss you! And love you lots!

P.S. Just got your message too! Tell your kiddos I love them & that they are simply the best for helping to make my day special!

The Blooms said...

Happy Birthday Melissa!