Thursday, December 11, 2008

lame + fun with brushes

in truth, i've been feeling a lot like this pathetic plastic container the past week or so. this looking for a house thing is not for the weak. one would think it an easy task with all the houses that are out there, (as i did) but would be mistaken.

so now i just get to laugh at myself and our luckless plight. that's what i do best.

isn't this picture classic?! bailey took this out of the dishwasher, held it up to me and asked,
"Is this supposed to look like this?"
we both got a good laugh.

i am choosing to focus on all that we do have. and on all of our blessings. after all, i LOVE this time of year!
we are doing special christmas-y things, we are surrounded by awesome family, friends, and ward members. we love our ward. and i love my young women. really love them.
not to mention the whole reason for this season. i feel like we are being watched over and that a loving heavenly father knows us and knows what we need. even though sometimes we don't.

on to some fun stuff. have you ever wondered how people fancy up their pictures? like add swirls, or just have cool things on the blog, or what have you? answer: brushes.
my sister has a detailed explanation about BRUSHES and how to use them (click and scroll UP). i
think it's a fab find, since it answers a lot of FAQ's. if you haven't opened your heart to the world of brushes, you are sooo missing out. think of them as virtual stamps. stamps where you can change the size, color, or opacity. best of all, you don't get messy ink hands. :)

i used the petit label brush kit on the pic above.


Yvette said...

I've found out that there might be a house in our ward and in my neighborhood that might be available soon. (A divorce situation) not someone from our ward. If I find out any more details I let you know. It's the exact model you wanted like the Cavenee's

Clay's gal said...

Are you guys moving again? Not fun! Come move by us!

Lindsay Ann said...

What kind of camera do you have?