Wednesday, December 31, 2008

giveaway & happy new year

i'm back!
wow! the seasonal whirlwind is almost over. we had a great christmas! it was so fun spending time with both families. we are surrounded by wonderful FAMILY! and, of course, santa was good to the kids.

rhonna has the coolest giveaway ever! since we are ringing in the new year, 2009, she is giving 209 of her digital kits to a lucky winner!! winner chooses which kits. how fun is that!?

all you have to do is post about the giveaway on your blog and link to hers. easy peasy!

her new blog is so darn cute, and she joined blogger! after 3 years, she's back into the blogging world. i've missed her. :)

good luck~

1 comment:

Jaya +Tali said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too!
we totally missed y'all... but we are glad you had fun!
we had fun too!
good luck for when school starts again (EW!!!!!!!), bailey and alex!