Tuesday, January 13, 2009

deevine design

it was about time for a layout change. the back ground is a free download here. thanks, rhonna!

and speaking of design, here are a few goodies that are catching my eye. my mind is going crazy designing a space that is yet to be mine. ah, the process of looking for a new home.

and this..... here's a how-to on it. hmm... that link's not working.

they turned and old cupboard into a
serving tray with handles and a stencil.
i say, why not use vinyl? lovely.

and the fabulous black and white mina table cloth from anthro...

and i am LOVING these from gallery 84....

and z gallerie's modern take on a candelabra...
it holds tea lights.

and this uber chic chair. (it's soo pretty in person- zgallerie.)
and deevine setee.


Anonymous said...

drool slobber lip-smackin' gorgeous

Melis said...

YUH-MMEEE!!! Love it all, Mames! I really love the whole cabinet idea!

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh my gosh...girlfriend...you are an enabler!!! yumma yumma yumma!

LOVE your blog couture, my dear! lookin' fab!
as usual!

I awarded you the lovely 'fabulous blog award!'

Anonymous said...

Do tell where you found the lighting from! Thanks!