Sunday, February 1, 2009

house of 3

oh my! i can hardly contain myself!!! HOUSE of 3 opened their virtual doors today!!
talk about eye candy. mamma mia!

go here to check out the goods.
i want these medallions.
and a little of this
and of course these oh-so-sleek silhouettes
and blog couture!
and you know i'm not leaving with out this.

i know rhonna had been up to something, and has been REALLY busy, but i had no idea what to expect.
this is soo worth the wait! way to go, my sistah!!


Meredith said...

It is amazing. And I love the little Valentine's Day Coupons. They are so cute.

Rhonna Farrer said...

aw, thanks so much Amy!
it was sooo fun to be with you this weekend...
I LOVE You!!!!

connie s.miles said...

Hey Ames - Missing your posts. I know you are busy with remodeling, sick kids, YW, etc. and so on, but I'm missing you.