Saturday, February 21, 2009

hmmm... i didn't see that coming

so here's the skinny.
we're moving back into our house.
'but didn't you just move out of it?'
'but weren't you about to close on a new house?'
'but wasn't it-'
yes, yes, and yes.

but in these uncertain times, the more we really thought about it,
the decision was made to move back in.
we feel good about it.
not giddy, so excited i want to pass out, jumping up and down
happy. we feel peaceful. and that's what matters. and of course we
love our neighbors and ward friends!! i love my (yw) girls!!

we decided to start fresh. we want the house to have a cute little
face lift.
new paint throughout
windows encased
crown molding for the cabinets
2 storage closets built
add shelving to existing closets
paint cabinets
new kitchen counter
new hardware
... the list goes on...
and as if that weren't enough,
we ripped all the baseboards and door trim off,
and took down the bathroom mirrors.
you know, just for fun.

and the one perk of a small house is that the renovations
have a relatively small price tag. our neighbor jason is
the ultimate handy man and has done such a great job on
building everything!

now we just hope to get the whole thing put
back together before the painters come next monday.

so, this presidents' day g was ripping out door trim.
last pres' day he started the tile project.
we wondered what we'd be doing next year.

(i used rhonna's lace it up on the pictures.)



Rhonna Farrer said...

wwoohhhooo! totally excited for you guys!!! this will be fab.

& the 'peaceful' thing? yea...good for you for listening to it!

The Blooms said...

We are excited to have you guys back in the neighborhood!!!

Anonymous said...

cant WAIT to see it all put back together . . . .
and THEN with your magical touch. . . .


Lindsay Ann said...

It will probably feel like a new home with everything replaced. How neat! Hope it all goes well.

connie s.miles said...

My bet is Presidents Day 2010 you will add a 2nd story, a high-dive to your pool and a sound studio.

amy said...

bwhaaaa! that's a good one, connie. i had to laugh at that!!
hopefully we have a sound studio before next presidents'day. could you imagine a high dive?!? hilarious. but i'm thinking major spinal trauma may ensue. and the 2nd story sounds great! hee hee.

cherie said...

it will be fabulous! any designing with you at the wheel will turn out amazing!!