Monday, March 9, 2009

water n stuff

this one word brings up many thoughts.
it is a wonderful substance.
it's cool and refreshing to drink.
i love to shower, swim, and play in the stuff.
it brings life to all it touches.
and it's said that humans can only survive about 3 days without water.
but water can be the source of such angst.
sunday i put the first load of wash in.
we had piles of it. after our stuff sat in storage
for 6 months, everything need to be washed.

gar and i were unloading the uhaul when we heard
a distressed scream from inside. we ran in to find jason
our neighbor in the hall scrambling for towels. the
washer had emptied all of the water on to the floor because the
hose was out of the wall. the three of us worked feverishly.
we grabbed the shop vac. (we have never been sad we bought
the industrial one. us miles' always have a use for the thing.)
jason vacuumed while garrett and i slapped about 20 towels
on the ground. they were about as useful as a square of toilet
paper. we were trying to stop it from going on to the carpet.
no such luck.

the water went all down the hall, into the new storage closet,
through the wall to my studio, through the other wall to bailey's
closet, and of course into the doorways of both kids' rooms.

all i did was laugh. (as i worked on drying it)
really, what else was left to do?

we vacuumed for about an hour and then soaked up for another
half hour. then came moving furniture out from the walls and
stuff outta the closets. then we turned on 4 fans.

some friends came monday to bring dinner and we just laughed
at the 20 towels draped over my fence and the empty moving boxes piled
high. wish i'd taken a picture of that.

by monday afternoon the fans had done their job. all was dry and we
moved the furniture back. i'm so glad it didn't damage anything.

one thing i can say:
you know when you get something new, like carpet,
you want to keep it clean and new? and you want to keep it stain free?
and in that quest you can become kinda anal about things? well, this
little flood incident helped me skip right over the 'afraid of living'
part of getting new things. problem solved.

of course this comes on the heels of our water heater leaking, and rebuild.
that caused damage though. lots of it.

here is my side yard this morning. at 7.
i like to call this picture wt yard, moving mess.
adam makes it complete with his diaper and breakfast
of graham crackers.

in my defense, he had showered

already. adam's gourmet
breakfast is due to this going on in our kitchen.

and that is the update for now. more pictures coming soon.


Anonymous said...

I get to be first!! . . . and I love everything. Love your paint color. Love the white glazed cabinets. . . .love the black granite. Can't wait to see MORE. MORE PLEASE MORE!!!!

linda said...

Oh, I feel your pain. We want to do a whole remodeling project also. Everything looks great so far, can't wait for the finished picts.

Melis said...

Oh, Aim! That's awful, but glad you laughed about it! You're right... what else can you really do, but laugh! And, hey, it makes for a great blog post, right?! ;)

The kitchen looks fabulous, Aim! Yay for your stinkin' awesome remodel!

connie s.miles said...

Aimes - That's nuttn! When our pool emptied into the basement we had professional flood people come and clean and dry our carpets/walls/etc. and while they were drying (they actually lifted the carpets on stilts and put the fans underneath) - but while they were drying I took my four kids to the mall where we had an auto accident and then another one within the same hour - in our second car.

Garrett comes by the shop vac naturally - it's hereditary. All Miles men have to have a shop vac.

So excited about your black granite!!

Meredith said...

That totally sucks about the washing machine. But at least the first accident is out of the way!!

I love the pictures! They are fantabulous. Especially the one of Adam and Bailey. Too funny!

Jan said...

Oh my gosh Amy...I am so sorry, but you do know how to tell a story! I am surprised you can laugh about it already. It would have taken me a few years to find the humor of a flood in a newly remodeled house. May your home come all together soon. I bet you are as awesome at decorating as your Mama was way back when. GOOD LUCK!

Anonymous said...

Nope, Jan. She's WAY more awesome at decorating than I am!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

ok, those pix are priceless....
oh man.

but, you are THE best for laughing at a 'could be' terrible sitchy...
you are my hero!
love your laugh.