Wednesday, March 4, 2009

happiness is found at home

thankful, thankful, thankful.
that's how i'm feeling.

we move in saturday.
can't wait to make our house a

i'm screaming house warming party! (any excuse for a party, right?)

i have it on the brain after house of 3 had
a fabulous virtual house warming party!
it was so fun to go online and see each one
in their home. i also liked the idea of making a book about your home. complete
with a page of house rules, what you do to make your house a home, your family goals, and so on. i can't
wait to make my own little book. it's fun to stop, think, and put down on paper the the elements that are important to you and your family. i love these papers and these bird cage chandeliers!!
it was love at first sight with these babies. fun stuff.

have a happy wednesday.

** **yesterday we were talking about the house and the expectations for the kids.
gar said he doesn't want any toys in the house. i agree in that i don't want toys
strewn across the house or laying on the floor. i negotiated a few bins for each
child. (just like i eeked out one pink wall in bailey's room, and one green wall in
the kitchen. the rest is tan. he wanted all tan. it's all about negotiation.)
this morning on the way to school, i was telling the kids about the rules for toys
and that we would donate a few bins of toys (each) that have been in storage.
moans and protests from the back seat.
then i told them dad wanted to donate all the toys.

there was immediate silence from the back seat.
bailey said, in a very. slow. manner:
'now dad's gone too far.'

and that was the end of the conversation. i think they got the idea.


Jami Baker said...

Bailey says the cutest things. How funny Garrett said that. Mark would like that too. The kids are lucky they have a mom to stick up for them.

cherie said...

hilarious! i swear that toys multiply on their own like gremlins! i have no idea how so many show up when i hardly ever buy any. :)

Mimmers49 said...

Awe, it is hard to get them to appreciate one thing...that is until you give them the alternative! I've donated tons of my girls' toys too.

Rhonna Farrer said...

oh my gosh...that bailey...LOVE your kiddos!
love! excited fer ya!
can't wait to see your *new* home!!!!
love you!!!!

Meredith said...

I love Bailey. She just cracks me up. I cannot wait to see your house all finished up!

Melis said...

I echo Rhonna & Meredith's comments!

I'm gitty!

Love ya, Maim!

Melis said...

I can't take it any longer! You keep in suspense!

No, I know it's only stinkin' been a week! Take your time; although, I'm sure it's already supa cute!

Love ya & have a fab weekend!