Friday, May 22, 2009

maui- day 4

we needed to be in the lobby by 5:30. am.
my body was ticked at me for the 65 miles i forced it to take on the
motorcycle the day before. ouch.

we took the trilogy II to molokini, then to turtle town.
this is what molokini looks like on a clear day, aerial view.

here's a shot as we headed toward it. the clouds made the water
look dark - and a little creepy -to me.

as we neared the crater, they handed out snorkel masks and flippers. i got a prescription mask, so everything was crystal clear. cool.
you wouldn't know it by the way it appeared, but once under, the water was clear and blue and aqua. it rocked. the coral was really pretty with purple and yellow clusters. fish were bigger than i'd expected. then gar and i swam to the drop-off and i felt like i was nemo. it was amazing to see it the ocean floor drop so far, you couldn't tell where it ended. it was a deep cobalt blue, we could see lots of bigger stuff swimming around in it.
on the way back to the boat, we swam over the scuba divers, and watched their huge bubbles rise to the surface. they looked like mercury. it was so cool. i wish i had a shot of our reflections in them.

back to the boat and on to turtle town. once we arrived, i had warmed up a bit and was not looking forward to getting back in the cold water. gar went out and swam with the turtles.

on the way home, in the jeep, gar started to feel the motion sickness come on. i was giving him suggestions of what could help him get over it/ get his mind off it.
finally, i suggested a massage @ the spa, and he seemed to be cool with that.

i took him up there, booked him the hot stones massage, and gave him the pointers i could.
i left him in their capable hands, and went off to take pictures to my heart's delight.

it was actually so relaxing to me. i was alone, could go where i pleased, and stop as many times as i wanted, without being asked 'how much longer?' or, 'you about done?' and i knew gar was
as happy as he could be. pure bliss.

here's the lobby. again. i couldn't get enough of it. funny thing. we walked past these birds at least 10 times a day. they were beautiful and silent. i sat down on a bench next to/under this white one and was concentrating on viewing and dumping my pictures, cuz my card was full. i was
in deep concentration when i hear a ' hey there'. it took me completely off
guard. i looked up from my camera, and awkwardly said, 'hey... what's up?' and looked back to my business. birds creep me out anyway. up till this point i'd thought this one was a mute. it makes me laugh that i responded. i did it instinctively and without thought.

every time i saw this, i thought of willy wonka walking down these stairs, singing and pausing to pull out mike tee vee's one hair. so i put him in.

here's the beach walk.

then it was off to the port again. we had the award ceremony on a sunset dinner cruise. loved it! the dinner was dee*lish and it was fun to just hang out, talk, and eat.

all of the participants received their award- presented by clate. it was fun to hear all the names. here is garrett's. he is sooo the motivator of the year. he should be a motivational speaker!

of course gar has to create shock everywhere he goes. i should have just switched my camera to
video mode during his acceptance of the award so i could catch all the action. he went up to accept, and here is the picture sequence i got.

can you guess what happened? i call this shock and awe.

a perfect end to a perfect day. i'm so proud of gar. he has done an amazing job and does one each day. love that guy.


Laura and Jimmy said...

I just read about your whole trip and it sounds heavenly! I'm so happy you got to take such an amazing trip. ...And that you took great pictures and kept an exceptional travelogue so I could feel like I was there too! :)

I can't believe Lizzie and Krista are in your ward and that they are MIA MAIDS!! I guess I've never done the math! I think of my sweet first graders all the time and I love those girls! I would like to have their facebook info, so I can say hello. It makes me happy that they still remember me! :)

connie s.miles said...

Ames - Your trip was everything I can imagine about Hawaii!! Gorgeous landscapes, flowers, beaches, water, sunrises, sunsets, adventure, great food, on & on!! So happy you guys had such a good time!

cherie said...

that picture still cracks me up! leave it up to gar to bring shock and awe!
love your photos too!!

Meredith said...

It sounds like the snorkeling was awesome! I have never done that, so that sounds like fun.

And that is sooo Gar. I love it!

As always, great pictures. Although, I would probably wouldn't have sat so close to a bird in the first place...

Rhonna Farrer said...


RPH said...

Oh my! Your trip sounds like so much fun! Reading thru the whole thing is making me want to start hinting to my husband about some kind of vacation. It looks so beautiful and you guys look like you had fun. The colors there are unbelievable.

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

So fun! You're pictures are amazing! I looks like a lot of fun!

What is the font you used on you blog background?

Clay's gal said...

What an AMAZING trip! I wanna go!