Friday, May 22, 2009

maui-day 3

it's 6 am and you can guess where my little self is.
yup. anticipating the sunrise on the balcony.
as i waited for good light, i read about the creation.
life, plants, animals, the earth. it was the perfect
place to do it.

i just sat watching this. which is black rock, by the way.

and this too. isn't it beautiful?

it turned into this.

and what morning would be complete without a pic of my balcony with a feathered friend?

ah, that done, garrett woke up, and we walked downstairs for
our breakfast. same as the day before.

today is the road to hana. we rented a jeep with friends. but in true
garrett form, that was not enough. he wanted to do hana on a motorcycle.
a crotch rocket, preferably. none were to be found, so we rented a harley
fat boy from a place called hula hogs!

it's not my thing to ride on a bike since i'm a mom now. i rode in the jeep to the
actual road to hana. then gar bribed me to ride with him. fine.

it was actually enjoyable. the road itself was gorgeous! it was a mix between
far and away vibe, and jurassic park. the part of maui we stayed on gets around 20 inches
of rain a year. the road to hana gets 140 annually! it showed. it is 32 miles one way, and
it is sprinkled with great places to stop. twin falls, seven pools, bamboo forests, black sand
beaches, wow!

we stopped at the twin falls. if you look carefully at the top waterfall picture in this montage, you can see gar's blue shorts @ the top left of the waterfall picture. yes, he hiked to the top and was ready to jump. i just readied my camera and
focused on the photo-op rather than him possibly plummeting to his death. i did say, 'remember, feet first'. he said ya, and did a gainer,
landing feet first in the water. that wasn't exactly what i'd had in mind.

my favorite was a point called half way to hana. it was where we got the shave ice with home-made ice cream. oh my. it was beyond heaven. dan and kira shared one. gar looked
at me funny when i asked what kind he wanted. he let me know we would be getting our own.
then he went back for a second!

at the end of the road was the black sand beach. what a beautiful contrast it was to see the
blue sea, white waves, and black sand. ahhh... funny thing, it is only sand for about 3 feet.
it then changes from pebbles to rocks, to boulders to rock walls. it actually hurt to walk on.
interesting. but heavenly just the same.

**all the cool frames are rhonna's designs from here.


connie s.miles said...


Sam and Mandy said...

You are soooooooooo making me want to go back!!! You all did so much that we experienced! Your hotel was right by the one we stayed at, so all your pictures are very familiar! It sounds like you had an awesome time! Keep the pictures coming!

Melis said...

I wanna go! Oh, how I wanna go!

Meredith said...

I really want to go now.

Your pictures are amazing! I hope that you are framing some. I love the frames you used from Rhonna's Designs. Simply gorgeous!

Rhonna Farrer said...

love that green dress!
so cuuuuute!
love the photos!
& the are always amazing.