Tuesday, June 16, 2009

birthday girl

we celebrated bailey's b-day in style.
it was 2 days of fun!!

this was the first time the kids had been to temple square!
(or square temple as alex referred to it once.)
we wanted to visit granny and grandpa before they
were released from serving in SLC.

we saw the beautiful temple
walked around the visitor's center
ate a yummy lunch at the lion house
pointed out the beehive atop the beehive house,
visited grandpa in his office
saw the tabernacle and the assembly hall
rode the elevator to the top pf the joseph smith memorial (one of adam's faves),
and even shook hands with the general primary presidency.
it was a great day for bailey. well-wishes followed her wherever she went.
we met a lot of very nice people and had an awesome day!

i could have kicked myself for forgetting the camera!!
sheesh. how could i?

the next day we went to visit rhonna and the eetah cousins.
all the girls went to lunch @ dear lizzy and had a fab time!!
what a cool place!

bailey is our sweet, nurturing, capable big sister.
she is the light of my life and my dear friend.
her laughter and cute sense of humor keep us rolling.
what would we do without our bailey?!?!


Meredith said...

Yes, what would we do without sweet Bailey? She is one of a kind.

Those photos are gorgeous! It sounds like a memorable trip.

Rhonna Farrer said...

we LOVE bailey!!! so happy we could spend it with her!!!!
the photos are breathtaking! LOVE!

connie s.miles said...

Your photos turned out Awesomely!! (is that a word?) And here you were worried that they wouldn't. Bailey is gEorgeous!!