Monday, June 8, 2009

a song for whoever

alex: hey mom, i made up a song.

me: yeah? what is it?

a: uh, well, it's sorta called
'what's he gonna say?'
it's about a girl who is
going to break up (??!!) with a boy.
he's poplear and really mean.
member how sometimes 'poplear'
people are mean?

me: how does it go?

a singing:
what's he gonna sa-ay?
is he gonna be mean?
oh what's he gonna sa-ay?
i wonder if he'll be mean.

my guess is he'll be mean.
that's really my guess.
i wish he'd be ni-ice.
but i think he'll be mean.

and right now he is singing it in the

'...what's he gonna sa-hay?'


connie s.miles said...

OH!! That is THE BEST!! Alex is so great and so creative!! Another song-writer in the family!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

i'm cryin laughing so hard.
i can't WAIT To hear the song!
tape him, amy!!!!

linda said...

I love what kids say, that is way funny!

Melissa said...

Oh, you so have to tape 'eem!

I am so, way laughing right now!

Love that kid & miss him too! Give him a squeeze for me {& the others too}!

P.S. Lovin' me the whole boot camp thing! Except it's kinda funny... I think I was in denial about the shape I was in... 'cause I can barely do anything. LOL!