Tuesday, June 2, 2009

maui5- like morning dew

in 9th grade we sang a song in choir.

The water is wide, I
cannot get o'er
Neither have I wings to fly

Give me a boat that can carry two
And both shall row, my love and I

A ship there is and she sails the sea
She's loaded deep as deep can be
But not so deep as the love I'm in
I know not if I sink or swim.
i woke up early. gar was still recovering from day 4,
which was spent almost entirely on boat. boat+gar= not good.
no matter what the song lyrics say about my love and i.
he slept in. i patiently waited for the sun to rise... almost wishing it
wouldn't because that meant it would also set. on our last day.
i placed my newly charged battery in the camera then
waited for the elevator.

outside, the beach was beautiful.

the sun was just rising, casting golden magic
on everything. if only i could have captured it the way it was.

the beach was not peppered with sunbathers. it was alone, and calm. the early mist was light, and the air was clean and fresh. the flowers were perfect.

morning dew to uched everything. when the sun hit it, it danced. it was heaven.

i walked along the winding sidewalk
claiming a memory with every click. at almost every step.

we enjoyed a great breakfast, ocean side.
how easy it was to get used to this. good
bye beautiful
whipped cream and fresh pineapple.
we got to
share the view with this pretty little lady.

we jumped in the jeep and headed to honolua. at only 8 miles away, it sounded like a
must see. but as soon as
e got there, gar dropped our bag, fell on the sand,
and was out.
he still wasn't feeling right.

i sat down and soaked
up the sun, and then
the camera. i wished he were awake, but i made
the best of it. while he snoozed, i explored the beach and
snapped away. i was
amazed at how few people there were. it was like a private beach.
very nice.

i loved this little school - just off the shore.

then we were off to lahaina to walk
, take pics, and have lunch @ bubba gumps. we'd heard
great things about it. we didn't love th
e food, but the atmosphere was cool! this was our
view out the window to the sea. and gar on the famous bus stop! it was fun to be tourists and
just walk around.

back at the hotel i passed this again. for some reason, it made me laugh every time.
because i know the pain of getting maimed on vacation-
and i was glad
we had evaded it. :)

after packing up our hotel room, and throwing luggage

in the jeep, we stopped by this amazing look-out point.
during whale season, this is the spot to be.

we had one last stop.
before we turned the car keys in. we couldn't bear to leave without
visiting mama o
ne last time. she didn't disappoint. gar's fish was
caught by kevin
awa near south point. my ono was caught by mark
collins off his homeland of hana. deelish. and we
got there a bit earlier than l
ast time so the light was better. pure heaven.

there were 2 amazing homes right there.
imagine living next to mama's fish house on this private bay.
s is
where you could find me.

as we savored each bite and took in the view, the sun was setting.
each second of daylight passed and
brought us closer to boarding that plane.

the last lines of the song say :

oh love is handsome, and love is kind
and love's a jewel when it is new
but love grows old and waxes cold
...and fades away... like morning dew.

and now, our trip was over, and had faded away like morning dew. these pictures are
all we have to remember.
when the time did come, i went a little reluctantly.  but i had filled
my cup and was ready to face another day. another hot, dry day that would be filled with
potty training, 100+ degree weather, work for dad, school for kids, and laundry for mom.
but we have
to taste the bitter to better enjoy the sweet, right? and it is our challenge to
find the sweet- even amongst the bitter.


Anonymous said...

Amy, you have such a way with words! and the photography is over-the-top amazing!! Love the one of the canoe on the shore; sun shining through the palms; the hammock; the old church; the beach collage with the kids names in the sand; the gorgeous fashion diva in the hat; and. . . .and. . . .and!! ALL WONDERFUL!!

cherie said...

fabulous pictures aim!! love them all!!

Ali said...

Seriously! Beautiful pictures, beautiful words, Beautiful people -this was a treat to read! Ok, I sound like my Mom.

RPH said...

BEAUTIFUL! everything! the pictures and your commentary. I love it all. And you look adorable in that hat. You have some serious style.

connie s.miles said...

Ditto to everything that was said.
Thank you for allowing us to take a little walk in the clouds with you through your blog.

Rhonna Farrer said...

5 wows.

((all said with my mouth WIDE open & my fingers on each side in 3/Ws!))

love you!
this was a FAB post!
as always!

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

So beautiful! I think the whole family should pack up and move to hawaii! Hahaha!!