Tuesday, July 7, 2009

a thousand words

and a couple more.
i'm frustrated.
i've been trying to upload pics.
but every time i do, they loose
their color and vibrancy as soon
as they come up on blogger.

me no likey. anyone have suggestions?

i have been having a blast with these
frames though! i think they make every
photo cuter.


Melis said...

i feel the same way. if you find out the answer, please share. i should ask steph tho... maybe she knows.

Rhonna Farrer said...

how are you saving them? 'save for web'? if so, what are your settings?

also, you can host your pics on photobucket & upload the link instead of right into blogger.

see if that helps.

other than that....i think they are FAB!!!!! i can not wait to see more of your phewtohs.

amy said...

perfect! i think an outside source is the answer! thanks rhonna!!

connie s.miles said...

Hmmm - I really didn't/don't notice. Maybe my eyesight is worse than I thought??!! I think your photos look perfect!

connie s.miles said...

Maybe I need real glasses instead of my finger-glasses as pictured?!

Jana said...

amy, i just read in the church news that your dad is the temple pres in guatemala! how wonderful and exciting for your family. congratulations!

Clay's gal said...

Hey Amy! I just wanted to thank you and Garrett for bringing us the most DELISH dinner to the hospital! That was so so so nice of you guys! Thankfully our little Bella is doing awesome and there has been no more disgusting hospital food! We will have to get together soon so you guys can meet her!