Friday, July 17, 2009

mr alex's seventh

this little guy lost his tooth just a couple of weeks before his b-day.
we are so happy alex is part of our family. he adds
a great sense of humor
an engineer's mind
a kind heart
a great friend
a cute tease
& an intense desire to follow rules.
he's our favorite first grader.

i really can't believe he's that old. i know, it's cliche' to talk about how time has flown, and that just yesterday he was a baby in my arms. but it's so true!! love you, alex!

i had such a great time making signs
and tags for the sponge bob party!
i got hamburger hats from in-n-out and put name tags on each one for the
grandkids. bailey helped me name everyone with an ocean/pirate name.

i used these brushes for his b-day.
and i thought this house of 3 font was PERFECT for it!! love it. actually, i love every font they have!

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connie s.miles said...

Happy Birthday Alex!! We had a fun time celebrating with you!