Wednesday, August 12, 2009

can opener

sometimes i forget important things.

on the other hand, if you asked me the exact date of our last cali trip, i could tell you, ( 7.2.05)
or what i wore when___, or when a certain movie came out. or the name of that 2nd eyelid that an alligator has. (nictitating membrane) i remember that. no problem. that's me- queen of remembering insignificant details.

this comes up because i have forgotten to buy a can opener for the last month.
about a month ago, i noticed it was difficult to turn. so i sprayed it with pam,
and went on my way. it worked great. for the time being. that should have
automatically landed itself on my shopping list. it didn't.

i went to the grocery store at least 5 times. and forgot. every. time.
when gar would have his nightly tuna, triscuits, and pink grapefruit juice (random, hu?),
he would comment on the dang can opener. and i would make a mental
note to buy one.

fast forward to last saturday. i was out running errands. i saw an adorable
aqua can opener and snatched it up, happy that i had finally remembered.
i brought it home, and presented it to gar. he had just returned with some grilling garb and made a fabulous lunch with my cousin sterling's

smiling, he opened the drawer and held up a new black can opener. awww...

**for the record, a new can opener has the ability to change your world.


Melis said...

and it's cute! especially along side the ice cream scoop! ;)

i need to call you. it's been to long. tomorrow?!!! we need to catch up {it was fun chatting through Rhonna... hee, hee}!

Kimbo said...

and now there are TWOOOOOO

Kimbo said...

only i'm not kimbo

Rhonna Farrer said...

ok. black & aqua...good combo.
like you & gar!
love you guys! WAS fun chatting through