Friday, July 31, 2009

black & white with YELLOW

i came across this fabulous cake the other day.
isn't it beautiful? (cakegirls).
it speaks to me.
what does it say?
i don't know. i don't speak cake.

i contemplated what i love about it and why.
1. the colors (yellow and white make me cheery. mimosa (sunshine) yellow is the 2009 color of the year. people are seeking out the cheer and warmth the sun gives in troubled times). go figure.
2. the contrast (love how white & yellow POP against the black)
3. the TEXTURE. (...)

i realized lately that i am a texture freak.
i notice, enjoy, and seek outLink texture.
on walls, pillows, in nature, in food, and
desserts, on ribbon, decor fabric, baubles,
buttons... you name it.

i've loved these designs since their conception.


i dreamed, for months, of painting my master bedroom this color yellow. add b&w bedding and elements. when that wasn't gonna go down, i just let it be. my room is pretty basic.

without painting a single wall yellow (gar is a neutral man.) i have incorporated small touches here and there.


Jami Baker said...

I love your creativity!! So cute! I LOVE THE BLACK, WHITE & YELLOW! Oh, and while you were in Utah, Mark and I stopped by to get something from Garrett and I loved your house! You guys did some serious changes and I loved it! NIce work!

Rhonna Farrer said...

holy. freakin'. cow.

you totally inspire me.

LOVE these!
now i wanna print out that birdcage on the yello/white & frame it in black.
wouldn't that be COO?

Anonymous said...

I totally love black and yellow! Several of my rooms are painted in varying shades of yellow and I've been adding black. Love these pictures that you posted. Makes me feel creative too. Yvette

Clay's gal said...

I must say I enjoy the same things you enjoy! Love it!

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

So when we finally get a house. I'm going to turn to you for decorating tips. You have fabulous taste.

Logan, Melissa, and Miles said...

Also, can you send me the Elmo things you have? I want to get Miles's birthday invites ready. :)