Saturday, August 29, 2009

kithcen deco drama

**(as you requested, steph...your comment made me giggle.)

i believe i can trace the very moment the madness began.

mom walked into my house and said with disdain,
'aaaamy, when i walk into your house, if i look this direction, it looks as though you moved in yesterday.' (she made yesterday sound
like a dirty word. and i guess it was- to an {ex} interior designer.)

how dare she?
yet so true.

i have so enjoyed the crisp, clean feel of the house.
but this comment catapulted me in to the decorating drama that
has been in my head for the last week or so.

sleepless nights. restless dreams.
no, i'm kidding.
sort of.

i have been trying to nail my style- du jour.
i must have it neutral enough that i can
change it up at a seconds notice. yet not so neutral
that i get bored with it. you see my dilemma, right?

so started trips to home goods, z. gallerie, anthropologie,
ross, walmart, steinmart, and hobby lobby. not to mention
all the virtual trips to an array of stores. i started in the kitchen.

it happened.
i found small, fake cakes @ steinmart.
then came the idea to use fake candy, desserts, and all manner of sweets
to decorate my kitchen.
that resonated with me.

this could be the dessert party i have always talked about having.
the perk is that it would be an ETERNAL dessert party. loving it.
sweets. totally me. way more than baguettes and a cheese wheel.
why store when i could display?

plan of attack:
*make a sign (googled pictures of french patisserie signs) and ran into
laduree. oh, i dream of visiting... and experiencing... and sampling!
*choose and design a label for the sweets
*find the right pieces that will look good from a bottom
view. (this proved to be more difficult than planned).

and the results...

**dolcissimi= 'sweetest' in italian. and gar's nick-name for me.

this is a sampling of photos i will post this week. i am still waiting for some things i ordered online ...Link
next i'll share the labels and what i used to design them.

pic frames: house of 3 corners


connie s.miles said...

A sample is not enough!! What is this?? See's Candy??!! One nibble and I devourer the whole box!! Bring on the samples!!!

Rhonna Farrer said...

stop it. right now.
can't wait for more!!!!

cherie said...

you will rock it as you always do!
can't wait! :)

charisse mask said...

i am in total awe right now. i can't wait to come and see it. you are so fab!

TheReadFam said...

thanks for indulging me and making me crazy all at the same time. I thought this would help get my juices flowing but I just feel frustrated. Where the H#%@! do you come up with this stuff?
Your amazing.
How do you find out what your style is? I wish I new
What if I send you a pic of each room in my house. would you give me a virtual consultation.
I feel so lost in the design world. It drives me nuts.
I'm lovin' all the pics. keep em' comin'. Your the best.