Tuesday, August 25, 2009

happy birthday, dad!

did i mention that friday was dad's birthday!?
he celebrated in style by spending the week with mom @ a beach house. they have had no chance for leisurely vacations for about 6 years. i am so happy they got to go and enjoy the fabulous weather and each other's company.

i love you, dad! you are an amazing example to me and my kids and a great dad.

the miles kiddos want you to know you give the best hugs, kisses, and tickles EVER!

we have had such a fun summer with you visiting! we will miss you in november when you report to guatemala.


Anonymous said...

us too. We'll have to think up a way to give/receive kisses, hugs and tickles over cyberspace

Kylie said...

I love your dad too--9th grade seminary was the best!!! Ü

TheReadFam said...

Dear Amy,

this is Steph, Melissa's friend. I was wondering if you take requests for blog posting.
If so, I would like to request before and afters of you amazingly decorated home. Or, if you don't have befores,just the afters would suffice.

Your blog stocker/fan/practically famliy - Steph

Rhonna Farrer said...

awww, sweet, ame!
love it.
love dad.
love our fam.
love YOU!

Thunell Family said...

Amy!! You are so much fun...and ALWAYS welcome to come stay with us in CA--especially if it's a last minute trip! Hope you had a great time in Utah! And, hope I get to hear that great laugh of yours in the near future!